Calm Vs Headspace: Which Meditation App Is Preferable?

Calm Vs Headspace: Which Meditation App Is Preferable?

Meditation is the act of achieving mental and emotional stability by focusing on a particular thing. Many people make use of meditation apps to achieve this and there are a great number of these apps out there.

Before making use of any app, it is advisable that you read reviews of the best apps to know the one that will satisfy your needs.

Meditating every day is one of the best routines you can ever have in this life because meditation serves as a boost to our emotional and mental stability. Calm and Headspace are the two most popular meditation apps out there but people still love to know the one that is preferable and their features.

What You Should Know About Calm
Calm Meditation

was established in the year 2012 for the sole purpose of relieving stress and anxiety, reducing sleeplessness. This meditation app comes with sounds such as birds, rivers, raindrops, etc. to help us calm our nerves and help us focus. Recently, they made LeBron James their brand ambassador. Although this meditation app came later than Headspace, it has more users on the IOS platform than Headspace meditation.

The Pros of Calm Meditation App

A lot of people choose calm as their meditation app because of these reasons that will be listed below:

LifetimePayment Option
Calm is not a free app and so instead of offering only monthly and yearly payments options like Headspace, Calm gives you the option to pay for the app for life with a lesser amount compared to paying annually every year, unlike other meditation apps.

Diversified Meditation Tools
Calm doesn't make use of only the normal natural sounds in its array of meditation tools, it also offers bedtime stories, music from top singers in the world that would help you concentrate.

Calm is a meditation app that is quite affordable when compared to other meditation apps. With $69.9 per year, this is a good deal because you will see other meditation apps whose features are lower but charges much higher.

The Cons of Calm

There's no app that does not have its shortcomings although that of Calm is minimal. Here are some of the things that are lacking in this meditation tool:

It Leaves You to Yourself:

A meditation app like Headspace will guide you through all the activities you want to carry on in the app but this is not the case in Calm. The app leaves you to choose whatever you want without giving you guidance on how to go about it.

What to Know About Headspace Meditation App

A headspace is a meditation tool that was created in 2010 to make people relax and eliminate negative emotions you might have. Their brand ambassador is John Legend and thus has made it be perceived as more of a music relaxation meditation app.

Pros of Headspace Meditation App

There are many features and benefits you may enjoy from using this meditation tool and these benefits include:

Headspace Meditation App Is Affordable
When considering its quality, one can see that this meditation app is not costly. This app costs about $69.9 a year and it offers a 7-days trial to its customers. Students tend to make use of this app more than calmly because, with Headspace, a student can have about 6 accounts with an annual payment of $69.99 unlike other meditation apps out there.

Headspace Guides You Through Their App
If you are looking for a meditation app that will do most of the work while your input is minimal, then Headspace should be your choice because this meditation app guides you through their app even if you have been using it for some time, unlike Calm which allows you to do whatever you want to do without offering much guidance.

Large Collection of Relaxing Sounds
There are many meditation apps out there that offer a very limited collection of their relaxing sounds and music but that is not the case with Headspace. This meditation tool offers you a large collection of relaxation soundsto choose from.

Pros of Headspace Meditation App

Every app has its glitches and bad sides and Headspace is not excluded; its pros include:

They Don't Have A Lifetime Offer
The only pricing options that Headspace offer is monthly and annually, they don't have the lifetime pricing option, unlike their closest rival Calm.

Final Notes

Everyone has their preference even when it comes to mediation apps. In the Calm Vs Headspace debate, choosing a meditation tool depends on your needs such as if you want a more music-based relaxation meditation tool or not or if you want to operate everything by yourself in the app yourself or not. Go through the pros and cons of these meditation apps and make the choice yourself.

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