Comparing Spike Email App to Facebook Messenger, Outlook, and Gmail

Comparing Spike Email App to Facebook Messenger, Outlook, and Gmail

Spike, the world’s first conversational email app and collaborative email platform for teams of all sizes, has been gaining in popularity as of late, and for good reason — it’s one of the most revolutionary email clients to launch in the last decade.

So, we wanted to share our review of Spike with you. We’ll be taking a closer look at the app in these five main categories: ease of use, features, integrations, pricing, and support.

What Is Spike?

Spike is an email client that syncs with your existing email account(s) to turn your inbox threads into chat-style conversations, known as conversational email. But the app does much more than make sending and receiving emails as easy as chatting.

Spike has many other built-in features that make it function as an all-in-one workspace for boosting your productivity and collaboration. These include collaborative notes, tasks, and to-do lists, as well as fully integrated voice messages and video meetings.

A Review of Spike Email in Five Key Categories

Ease of use (5/5)

Spike is simple to set up and start using. All you need to get started with Spike is an existing email address, such as a Gmail account. Once you sign up for Spike and connect the accounts you want to, the app does the rest.

Once you start using conversational email, Spike feels pretty much like any other instant messaging app, such as WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. Plus, you can always switch to a traditional inbox view if you want to.

The other features of Spike, like its built-in notes, tasks, and to-do lists, are intuitive to use and it’s fast to get your whole team onboard with all the collaboration tools. Which brings us to the next category…

Features (5/5)

In terms of features, Spike offers more than any other email client out there.

For organizing your inbox, there’s the priority inbox feature that automatically files away low-priority messages, such as promotional emails, for you to deal with later. There’s also the super search feature that makes it fast and easy to find anything in your inbox using different filters and keywords.

Of course, the star of the show at Spike is its proprietary conversational email functionality, which really takes the stiff formalities out of emailing back and forth and helps conversations with teammates and clients flow.

You can also create group chats, which is ideal for communicating among different teams or collaborating with groups of people involved with certain projects.

Speaking of collaboration, we love that you can use Spike as a sort of lite project management platform by creating to-do lists and assigning tasks to your colleagues. With everyone added to the same collaborative task lists, it’s easy to stay on top of project progress and hold people accountable.

We also love the built-in video conferencing and voice notes, for when text-based chat isn’t quite efficient enough.

Integrations (3/5)

Spike integrates with your existing email account from major providers including Gmail and Outlook. It also integrates with your existing calendars, allowing you to sync multiple calendars to stay on top of all your personal and professional schedules in one place.

Additionally, Spike integrates with your cloud storage, so you can easily attach files to your messages, notes, and tasks.

As of now, Spike does not have integrations with any other major platforms or tools, so we can’t say much more about it in this category. But that’s kind of the point of Spike — it helps you cut down on the number of different apps you need to use to get more done, in less time!

Pricing (5/5)

Spike’s everyday plan with basic functionality for up to two email addresses is completely free.

For professionals and small teams, the pro package with additional features and storage costs $5 per user, per month. Then there’s the business plan for power users and large teams, which costs $10 per user, per month.

With any email client you use, one thing you should check for is scalability. Your business needs may be simple now, but you should always plan for a larger team and more robust requirements. So, we appreciate that Spike has several different pricing tiers for different types of users.

Support (5/5)

Spike’s website,, features a great help center that’s full of FAQs, tips, tutorials, and troubleshooting articles. This is a great place to start if you have any questions about the app.

For anything you can’t resolve through the help center, Spike has a support email you can contact their customer service team at. The website states that they usually get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can message support via the chat bubble in the desktop, web-based, or mobile Spike app.

Overall Review of Spike (4.6/5)

In summary, Spike is a truly powerful email client for streamlining your professional communications, improving your team collaboration, and increasing your overall productivity.

We highly suggest Spike to anyone looking for a new email client that makes dealing with your inbox a breeze!

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