Why do restaurants or cafes need a mobile app?

Why do restaurants or cafes need a mobile app?

Many people are unfamiliar with mobile applications, and it is unclear how to utilize them or whether they are really essential for business. At first look, we have become accustomed to the idea that every business has a website or a social media group. However, the mobile application is not yet widely used. Will it become obsolete in your company? We will confidently respond, "No, it will not."

The emergence of the mobile apps industry is closely tied to the age of extensive smartphone use and the broad development of the mobile Internet. People check their phones practically every free moment. So why not use it to your advantage, especially with a well-made ui design for restaurant mobile app that will help make the right impression on the customer!

The Internet has become an integral part of business

We began to actively utilize websites when the Internet entered our life.

The Internet, which was formerly only available to specialized technical professionals, is now open to anybody who knows how to operate a computer. At the time, it was groundbreaking.

The second revolutionary event was the development of specialized Internet services, which altered our connection with the outside world and even how we communicated with others. Facebook and other social networks and service web apps have evolved into Internet services. And it has already become standard that we must install the proper mobile application on our cellphones in order to utilize these services.

How will having an app affect your business?

There are three tasks that a mobile app for a restaurant can do very well.

Making an order

The first of these is the implementation of the order. Agree that it would be incredibly convenient to have a full menu on your phone and place an order for the desired dish in a couple of clicks, or have an order already formed by the arrival of the waiter. A mobile application can handle this task and make ordering a lot easier, as well as improve the customer's opinion about the service in your establishment.

Waiting for an order

Customers constantly use their smartphones while they are in a restaurant to take the time to wait for an order or pause in a conversation. And of course, the order waiting time is a critical moment in the restaurant's activity, which can create a negative moment if the client suddenly needs to wait for the order longer than he expected. If the customer takes this time to get acquainted with your mobile application, then this will directly affect his perception of the waiting time.

Improving the effectiveness of advertising

Unlike a website and a social network, a mobile application allows you to interact more deeply with the client.

Companies spend millions of dollars to ensure that their brand is always in front of potential clients. You get this right after the client installs your mobile application. Now your business logo will be visible to the user of the mobile application every day. Every day, including on the phone, the user will see your logo and remember your restaurant. How much does it cost to advertise your business? Expensive, we told you. Try getting someone to look at your business logo every day in some other way.

It's much cheaper than buying targeted social media ads or contextual advertising on Google. In fact, a mobile application allows you to “anchor” to a user and reduce your advertising budget costs. It does not allow making a website, as the user has looked at the site and forgotten. Very limited - this allows you to make a group or an account on a social network.

The functionality of the application for the restaurant

That is, it turns out that the application for your restaurant is a very useful tool. It is important to create it correctly, and you need to apply for this to an experienced company, such as Tino.Design.

It's also significant to know what to serve to your customers. In order not to overload the application with unnecessary functions, it is necessary to clearly define the tasks and needs of customers. Each business has a unique set of features. But still, there are basic things that are being implemented in many applications for restaurants:

Menu and delivery tools

The main task of a restaurant app is to sell. Therefore, a menu with prices and an order and delivery function should be mandatory. If the institution implies work not only for delivery, then there should also be a table reservation function.

Search for the nearest institution

If a mobile application is being developed for restaurants from the same chain or for partners, then the search function for the nearest establishment will be very useful.

Loyalty program

Personal account with order history, the ability to add orders to Favorites, accumulate bonuses and exchange them for discounts or goods, and personalized offers.

Button "call the waiter"

You yourself have probably been in a situation where the waiter comes up before you have decided on the order, and then you have to call him or wait a long time. A simple button would solve this problem very easily. Like ordering online right at the restaurant.


Many restaurant apps implement interactivity features to "entertain" the customer. Games, augmented reality tools and other entertainment will help pass the time while the user is waiting for his order. Plus, you can get bonuses.

These are the basic elements that will make your app really useful, a well-made ui design for restaurant mobile apps, and make it look nice too. But for this, you need to choose the right contractor. The Tino.Design company will be able to offer you an individual development of an application for restaurants. This is a company that takes into account the peculiarities of the sphere, determines the advantages, and helps to digitalize the business. Thanks to a clear strategy and a step-by-step plan, the implementation of the application is fast and efficient.

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