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      Logo Focuster


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      Everybody understands the importance of time management, but sometimes distractions are almost unavoidable. Not every person can afford the human p...

      Logo Songyft


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      Since the dawn of humankind, music is one of our greatest creations to date. Music is a part of our everyday life as its a way of conveying our emo...

      Logo SKIDOS


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      There is a school of thought that advocates for game-based learning due to its ability to make students collaborate, communicate and interact while...

      Logo Xeno


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      Client loyalty is quickly turning into the Holy Grail in business. Faithful clients are less likely to purchase from your competitors. And they are...

      Logo Chimani


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      Are you looking for the perfect date for Valentine’s day? Are you planning an excursion to a favorite national park? Are you hoping special t...

      Logo Blingmob


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      Are you a person who keeps changing their wallpapers, ringtones from time to time depending upon the mood? Also, a person who loves to watch videos...

      Logo Mobilereachout


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      If you're hoping to build your brand image, increase sales, attract new customers, and improve your customers' experience, then building an app for...

      Logo Devonian Times

      Devonian Times

      0 reviews

      Devonian Times is a publication of apps and blogs that aims at filtering useful information from the junk of information found online to provide it...

      Logo Mayvio


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      Most people feel like their money runs out before they get their next payslip. These people need to take control of the situation by first understa...

      Logo Metakine


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      Do you like the Mac operating system? Or maybe you own a MacBook, iPod, or an iPhone? Well, you might want to give Metakine a look. Metakine offers...

      Logo Instant Backlink Magic

      Instant Backlink Magic

      0 reviews

      Sometimes it eats up a lot of our time in making tedious articles and creating backlinks. Instant Backlink Magic, a software may make life easier w...

      Logo Turbo Spy & Monitoring App

      Turbo Spy & Monitoring App

      0 reviews

      Being worried about your kids for the inappropriate use of cell phones is pretty common these days. Not only kids but for the employees or the peop...

      Logo Fast reports

      Fast reports

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      Software reporting is essential as it enables the creation of an application. Interested in applications and add-ons? Looking for the best platform...

      Logo Qoob


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      Instagram is one of the most broadly utilized social networking platforms today. Practically every leading brand and celebrity has uploaded their v...

      Logo Pet Parade

      Pet Parade

      0 reviews

      It has been medically proven that pets have a positive effect on your mental health. These little bundles of joy, either in form of dogs,...

      Logo Avibra


      0 reviews

      The world today is rife with information; in fact, information can be said to be one of the main currencies of the 21st century. However, with the ...

      Logo Infiplay


      0 reviews

      Do you love playing games but you haven’t been able to do so because most online games are not free? Or you are very busy with work and you h...

      Logo Entropia Universe

      Entropia Universe

      0 reviews

      The virtual world is now a sure venue where many people gain daily. Gameplay in the virtual world varies across many fields. Among these includes W...

      Logo Acon Digital

      Acon Digital

      0 reviews

      Acon DigitalSoftware products are software systems provided to clients and are accompanied by documentation describing how to use and install the s...

      Logo Pitpat


      0 reviews

      People wear smartwatches these days. These watches help to track our movement and help to keep us fit. Smartwatches tell us how many steps we have ...

      Logo Fasting by Become

      Fasting by Become

      0 reviews

      The importance of living healthy cannot be overemphasized but living a healthy life free from diseases physically and mentally is indeed wealth. In...

      Logo Folio App

      Folio App

      0 reviews

      Asset management can be a lot of hard work when you try to manage your finances yourself but when a professional gets involved, you can then relax ...

      Logo Curious World

      Curious World

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      A curious child always in search of something to learn and explore. Thus, to give your child a room to grow and learn valuable lessons, Curious Wor...

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