The latest features and updates in Mac OS X

The latest features and updates in Mac OS X

Apple has always released unique operating system updates for its devices. Every year they improve safety, performance and functionality. By releasing their updates, they ensure that their software works perfectly with all apps without causing inconvenience to users. MacOS is one of the most user-friendly and secure operating systems available today.

Latest version

To date, the latest macOS version is called Ventura. This software has introduced many exciting and useful features. In this version, the design and several applications have changed. Every year, the company releases a new macOS that can be downloaded from the App Store. They're trying to release a version that doesn't have bugs and is suitable for everyone. This version is supported on the following models and above:

• iMac 2017
• iMac Pro 2017
• MacBook 2017
• Macbook Air 2018
• Macbook Pro 2017
• Mac Pro 2019
• Mac mini 2018
• Mac Studio

Should you update macOS to the latest version?

Many people do not know if they should update Mac os to the latest version. New software versions have some advantages that confirm that this should be done. New features and better compatibility with other devices are added. In addition, the performance and protection of the device are increased. New versions of the software also regularly fix previous bugs. That is why updating is an essential step for every user.


The company has added new features that improve user privacy while using the device. The latest Mac os has such a feature as albums with hidden and recently deleted photos that can be viewed with a password or Touch ID. These albums are hidden by default, so intruders cannot access them. Fortunately for the user, it is possible to find and view all of them quickly. The company regularly tries to add new security features to protect its consumers, and in this version, they took advantage of this opportunity.


There was a function of fast reaction of safety. Users receive security improvements for their devices much faster than in previous versions—updated blocking mode, which monitors the security of the digital network. In the event of a cyber attack, it introduces restrictions on some functions, thereby reducing the raid surface. It allows you to protect your Mac from spyware.


The main browser has also undergone new changes and new features. There was an opportunity for the accelerated loading of messengers, and functions of protected visiting of pages were updated. Users can now customize their start page and select the image background for it and sections of visited sites. All this makes the browser more comfortable and allows users to focus more on their tasks.

New multitasking mode

Stage Manager permits you to interact with many programs at the same time. It allows you to conveniently group, as well as switch between applications. It will enable users to save time using their computers with the new operating system. To try the new feature, you need to visit the macOS control point and activate it.

Universal control

Universal Control permits you to use one trackpad or keyboard to move files between Apple computers. This feature allows you to experience the functionality of the technology. It will also enable you to use other devices as a speaker for multiroom music using AirPlay. However, it is worth noting that to use this function, and the second device must also be updated to the latest version.

Clock with convenient timer and Spotlight support

Previously, it was necessary to install third-party applications to use an alarm clock or a timer through a computer. Now the developers have added a new feature, thanks to which users do not need third-party applications. They transferred the familiar utility from the iPhone to computers. The program has a standard design for everyone, but new features exist. The countdown is displayed directly in the menu bar if the user starts the timer. To launch this new feature, visit the Clock application through the Spotlight or Launchpad search.

Fast Call Transfer

This feature is brand new and convenient. Users can seamlessly transfer calls between their Apple devices on the same account. To use this feature during an active call, press the icon in the menu bar and confirm the ring transfer. The call will be immediately redirected unnoticed by the interlocutor. You can also use your iPhone as a webcam while talking through a Mac computer.


Apple is trying to add as many new features as possible to their operating systems to make their devices more comfortable. Updates take place annually and are aimed at improving the use and safety of users. With each new version, devices become more flexible and versatile in use. Some of the most unique and valuable features added in the latest version have been listed in this article.