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    Travelling to another location for business or pleasure can be very challenging. This is considering you are going to be there for probably a few days and you don’t want to drive down. You might get to your location and require a vehicle to move around. As opposed to paying so much to transport your car down or buying a new car, hiring a car is easily the best option. It is however, important that when hiring a car, you hire a car that you can use. Hertz affords you the opportunity to hire cars in many parts of the world. You can thus make use of their services anytime you need a car in a different city or country. Before visiting their website, you can read honest reviews about Hertz here.

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    Hertz was established to make it easier for people to move around when they are in a strange land. They don’t have to be confined to taking taxis to move from one place to the other. Since their establishment, they have been able to spread to many parts of the world offering the same services of helping people rent cards. They currently have partners in hotel and airlines amongst other so that their partners can also help you with accommodation and flight.

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    Hertz offer car hire services in different continents including Middle East, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand amongst others. They also afford you the opportunity to buy used cars.

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    The feedback of Hertz have been very positive based on the reviews their clients left them.

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    Rental car

    Recently I visited Ireland and I booked my trip through Expedia. The rental car service that was included in my travel package was Hertz. Usually I always rent from National, but I decided to stay with what Expedia was offering, mainly because this was packaged deal.

    Expedia is a good travel website and I have never had any problems with booking travel through them. The flights were all good as well as the hotel accommodations. The problem was with our rental car service.

    Once I arrived at the Shannon airport in Ireland, I went to the Hertz counter to go pick up my car. The service representative was friendly and quick to help. When bringing up my reservation he said that he could offer me a car upgrade for only €70. Not €70 per day, but €70 for the entire week I was in Ireland. I reiterated with him a few times that all I would have to pay for the upgrade is €70 plus taxes. He agreed many times. He also saw that I had bought the car protection package from Expedia. I verified and agreed that I had purchased the protection package and that I didn't need any other protection. After a few clicks, he asked for my credit card and then asked me to sign the electric credit card signature pad. On the pad I saw that I was being charged €584.00 instead of the €70 we agreed to. He assured me that this was just a security deposit hold placed on the card and would be removed once the car was returned. I believed him.

    We had our trip and all was well. I returned the car with no damages and full of gas. I received a receipt from Hertz saying that there was no damage and that everything was good.

    A few weeks later...............I noticed on my credit card that I was being charged €460.81 instead of the €70 + taxes that I was expecting. I reached out to Hertz and to Expedia to help me understand what I was being charged for. No one could help me at that time due to the final charges hadn't been allocated. I still needed to wait 5 more business days.

    I first chatted with a Hertz representative in their Chat window on their website. I was told that the Hertz location in the Shannon airport was a franchise owned by Ryan's Investments and that I would have to contact them for further information. They wouldn't give me an email address but would give me a telephone number. I told them that I wasn't going to pay for an international call since I had rented my car from an American Company. Regardless of franchise. She told me that she would open a case and I that I would hear something back from Hertz in the next 10 business days.

    Next I heard back from Expedia and they explained that I was charged €460.81 for additional charges at the time of rental. The amount included the Lost Damage Waiver, theft protection, service and government charge and government tax.

    I sent Expedia an email back explaining that I had never agreed to the additional charges. All I was told and agreed to was that I would be charged €70 plus taxes. I never heard anything else back from Expedia. Nor did I think I would or should. They held up to their side of the transaction. It was Hertz that I was waiting to hear back from.

    I finally heard back from Hertz with the following:

    "We have received a response from the location. They have advised,
    We have reviewed the rental charges applied to this account.
    Upon review it appears that this reservation was made on an
    exclusive rate.

    This meant that the customer was excepting full liability of the
    rental car and wishing to rent using a third party policy.
    Upon arrival the customer was required to present a credit card in
    their own name, an excess hold of €5000.00 was to be placed
    alongside a mandatory fee of €7.00 per day for SLW

    If the above could not be obtained on the customers card, the
    representative can refuse to rent the vehicle or they could opt
    to take the additional insurance coverage to reduce this excess.

    As the excess insurance coverage was excepted the liability went
    from full value to 0 in the event of damages to the rental car.

    This would have been advised upon arrival and again disclosed on
    the customers rental agreement."

    None of this was explained or provided in the rental agreement. Never once was I told that an excess hold of €5000.00 was to be placed alongside a mandatory fee of €7.00 per day for SLW. Never.

    I used a credit card that got the most points to pay for the car. If I would have known that I needed to have an excess of €5000.00 credit available on the card, I would have used another card. I have several that would have worked. It was never discussed. So because I didn't have the credit available on that card, I was charged for a €336 Insurance Supercoverage that I never agreed to.

    I have replied to Hertz emailing explaining the situation. I have heard nothing back.

    So, to make a long story long, I was lied to at the Hertz location in Shannon airport. I, being a dumb American, believed what the representative told me since I was dealing with a global American company. I am completely disappointed and discouraged with Hertz. Not only have they not taken responsibility for their poor customer service, I think it's ridiculous that it takes anywhere from 10 to 15 business to get a response from the company.

    I will only rent from National from now on.

    And to anyone traveling abroad, don't trust anyone! If you are going to change something to your reservation, go through the company that made originally made it.

    By: Aaron Nichols23-12-2019
    Would buy here again

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