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Bronson Armond
Hey guys, I’m Bronson Armond. I often read posts here and I’ve finally made the decision to fix my credit after years of damage. In 2018 I got involved in a fatal accident and was rushed down to th...Read on

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    Would buy here again

    My Greatest Happiness

    Hey guys, I’m Bronson Armond. I often read posts here and I’ve finally made the decision to fix my credit after years of damage. In 2018 I got involved in a fatal accident and was rushed down to the hospital. I was placed on treatment for 3 months but was unable to pay up bills. I have around 15 accounts with 75% utilization and I’m paying around $2000 a month alone with around $60,000 debt. I know paying it off would be the best scenario but I wasn’t in a position to do that. The monthly payment was going into interest. In 2020 I decided to apply for my dream car which is a 2017 Ford Escape but was not approved due to low credit score. Months back I saw some good reviews ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST and how they’ve been helping lives, I emailed via: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com and texted on 760 474 3440; I explained my predicament to them and they said they can make my credit to be an excellent one, within 5 days medical bills, hard inquiries, credit card debt and collections were cleared from my credit report and my credit score was raised from 528 to 803. I thought I was dreaming when I checked my credit profile to confirm my new credit score. My greatest happiness is that my 2017 Escape Ford has been approved. Thanks to ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST I highly recommend them to the world.

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Credit Karma

Credit Karma
Personal finance is defined as the financial management of funds where a family or individual unit executes to a budget, spends cash and resources over time, and at the same time saves, accounts for the various future life events, and also for financial risks. When doing personal financial planning, an individual should consider his or her needs suitability of a variety of banking products  and a range of other issues such as income tax management.

About Credit Karma
Founded on March 8, 2007, and based in America, Credit Karma is an American based multinational personal finance company. The company was founded by a group of 3 individuals Ryan Graciano, Nichole Mustard, and Ryan Graciano. It is popularly known as financial management and free credit platform; however, it also features monitoring unclaimed property database, free tax preparation, and tools that dispute and identify credit report errors.

Products and services of Credit Karma
Credit karma offers free credit reports and credit scored from Equifax and credit bureaus TransUnion together with daily monitoring of credit from TransUnion. Clients can view their credit reports and scores on Credit karma every week.

Compliments, Complaints, and tips for OVPN
Credit Karma has had several acquisitions. In 2015 it acquired snowball, a mobile notification app developer. It later in 2017 acquired AFJC Corporation. In 2016 it acquired, claim dog a money reclamation service; in 2018, it acquired penny a finance company, and finally, in 2019, it acquired Noddle a United kingdom credit report service. If you have used their services, leave a review on US-Reviews.

Things you should consider before taking out a loan!
What would you do when life gets rough and you can’t afford paying your bills? Will you borrow money from friends, family or take out a loan? Even when life is great, keep the rainy days into account, no matter how long the good time lasts.  

And when life gets financially tight and hard, if it so happens that you did not save up? What would you do without emergency savings? 

Well, you are not the only one! In fact, debt levels are rising.  And did you know that most of us, in time of need, turn to personal loans when an emergency hits. Especially in a time of a health crisis, not many people are able to cover their medical bills in the US, or pay off their credit card debts

Before taking out a loan, you will have to be absolutely confident in your decision in taking a loan. However, if you are completely and you are sure you need a loan, then have a look our reasons to consider:

1. Ask yourself why you need a loan?

If you are considering taking out a loan, make sure that you know why and what you need to borrow money for!  You should only and always borrow money for an emergency. Only borrowing money for things out of your control, like emergencies, only then should you borrow money!

2. Do your research into the fees and expense of a loan
Many people regard their own back when they need a loan. However, your bank might not have the best loan for you. Therefore, it is advisable to do research online into other loan providers, you might get a loan with lower fees and better requirements. 

3. How much can you afford?

Can you afford taking out a loan? Despite needing a loan, you should think about more than just needing money right now! Paying off a loan is not just about monthly payments but the total amount you will have to pay back. Make sure you can afford to pay the monthly fee,
you don’t want to be late on paying off your loan.

4. Do you understand the terms of the loan?
Before signing for a loan, make sure you understand the terms! Sometimes, some people forget to read the small letters or blindly trust their loan provider and end up being surprised.

Therefore, make sure you understand the following before signing the papers on your loan and avoid additional fees or hidden costs;

  • Do you know how much the loan processing fee is? -Make sure you know what you are paying the lender. If you read anything about such fees, you can also ask the lender to waive the loan origination fee. 
  • What happens when you are not able to pay the fees? -Some lenders will charge you a fee when you are not able to cover your payment. Therefore, as mentioned before, make sure you can pay your installments. 
  • Want to pay your loan off earlier? -If you are able to pay off your loan early, make sure that it will not cost you extra money to pay off your loan early. This is also known as the ‘prepayment penalty’.
  • Don’t be late paying your payments! -Some lenders will charge you a fee if you are late paying your payments and this will hurt your credit score. Therefore, make sure you can afford to pay your monthly payments!

5. Be financially smart from a young age!

If you start saving money at a young age and you want to borrow money when you are older, you will be able to enjoy low rates and payments. If you have a bad credit score, then you will have to pay back much more compared to when having a good credit score.

Therefore, find out what your credit score is before taking out a loan and analyse if you can afford to borrow the money. In addition, if you can improve your credit score before taking out a loan, then improve your credit score first!

And for those that are considering taking out a loan, have a look at online reviews about lenders before you make a decision. Online reviews could uncover hidden fees or other important things you should know about loans and lenders.

Here is a shortlist of lenders who have a good rating based on reviews: