Simple tricks to increase your quality life at home in 2020

Simple tricks to increase your quality life at home in 2020

The decoration of the house offers you the opportunity to turn into an artist, due to the colours you will choose, home design and the ambience you will create with the help of decorations. All these things need to talk about you, your passions and you need to be sure that it will be a relaxing environment where you can spend a lot of time in case coronavirus goes worse and you have to stay at home again. In this article, we´ll see what simple home upgrades and tricks can we choose to make our home a wonderful place to stay.

Create a relaxation area

The relaxation area is that small space in your home, where, in the moments when you have finished your daily or occasional chores, which you had to do, you can benefit from an increased quality of time dedicated to your person.

Many times you think that you can only have such a relaxing corner in a big house. Well, it's clear you're wrong. It doesn't take much space to arrange this corner, it's about good taste, good self-knowledge and above all common sense not to disturb the "relaxation areas" of others in the house.

The role of "small relaxation corner" can be attributed to several areas of the house, from the balcony or a more secluded part of the living room to a separate room, as an office. Depending on the preferences and needs of each, we can opt for different styles of arrangement, following the other rooms in the house. Let's see some important factors that you need to keep in mind when you arrange your place of relaxation:

  • Choose an area as far away from the TV or front door as possible.

  • Opt for a comfortable piece of furniture, such as a wide armchair or even several pillows for side sleepers

  • Find a place by the window so you can enjoy the natural light.

  • The chromatics of the relaxation area are recommended to always be represented by calm colours, such as shades of green, beige or blue, which will inspire a state of tranquillity. Vivid colours, such as red, yellow, orange have the opposite effect.

Fitness area

A gym in your home means money saved, after giving up a monthly subscription to the gym, as well as the advantage of exercising at any time of the day you want, even in the case of quarantine. The space available is not always generous, but you can find ways to improvise at least one mini-gym with a few devices.

If you do not have a house with an attic, garage or garden for weekly sports classes, then an enclosed balcony may be the solution. Regardless of the choice, take into account that in addition to the volume of the devices, you must also have space for exercises and storage space for mattresses/towels/balls/accessories/weights, etc.

The colours of your house influence your mood

The colours you choose to decorate your home reflect taste, creativity and allow you to give each room an individual touch. However, the shades you choose have an impact on your well-being and family. The colours used have a profound effect on the way you think, feel and act, both consciously and subconsciously. They influence your mood and health.

  • Green - Green is associated with balance and nature. It is a soothing colour, suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

  • Yellow - Yellow is associated with energy and stimulates the intellect. It is an emotional colour: it illuminates, warms and greets through the energy it emanates.

  • Blue - Blue is associated with the idea of peace, calm, serenity, protection.

  • lack - Black offers extra elegance, sophistication and seriousness to the rooms. But it is also associated with melancholy, sadness.

  • Purple - Symbolizes spirituality, wealth and joy. But excess purple can be tiring.

  • White - White is associated with air, open space and health. White means purity, hygiene, clarity, cleanliness and simplicity, as well as efficiency.

But maybe you are looking for a statement wall that will impress your guests and that will match your personality. Wall murals for bedrooms murals or Limitless Walls could be an amazing idea for a unique home.

Choosing home furniture

Experiences from customers and US-Reviews demonstrate that choosing the right furniture means more than choosing a piece of furniture that will delight you visually because the furniture you buy must last for many years and at the same time its style must not become obsolete over time. In any case, you can even opt for mid-century modern furniture.

Especially if "home" means a small space for you, choose to buy furniture that is not massive, so as not to give the impression of a darker space than it already is.

Furniture decorations or decorative objects are design things that have a common or less common shape and are distinguished by a complex mixture of colours or simple execution and you can find a lot of different products if you are willing to spend a little time searching on specialized websites like APT2B Furniture and Home.

Simple tips that will give your bedroom a new look

Starting from the bed and ending with chandeliers or dressing room, any bedroom has its own story that continues to be written even after its first arrangement. To get to the steps, you need to follow, think that the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night is the room where you sleep.

The time spent in it changes when the furniture, walls and atmosphere are in harmony, all having a major influence on your mood, especially if the space you have corresponds to a small bedroom. A perfect bedroom is one where you can sleep peacefully, right? In this case, you have to be sure that you chose the perfect mattress cover from iSense Sleep, where you have the optimal products for a restful and peaceful sleep.

The balance of colours and the harmony of the pieces of furniture are important elements when you think about arranging the bedroom. Light colours are generally known as an element that generates optical illusions. Thus we can use as ideas for arranging the bedroom colours that make the walls look bigger or create the effect of open, airy space.

Natural light can make any space look bigger than it is. In the absence of natural light, luminaires can produce the same effect if they are strategically placed near the bed or in the corners of the room


Because the bedroom is the space where you are looking for relaxation, it must be airy, and the furniture must point to functionality and aesthetics. Regardless of the space, you have, avoid crowding the room with too many closets or bedside tables, so that the atmosphere remains a relaxing one and the room is airy. Keep the walls as free as possible, a painting or a mirror on one of the walls will be more than enough.

The home is the only place that allows you to feel at home, so it is worth helping him with small changes that will refresh his energy, depending on your preferences. Decorating the house always in one way or another condition those who live in it, and improving the appearance or decorating it makes it easier to achieve a better level of comfort.

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