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    Green energy is used more and more. Energy sources like oil, natural gas and coal are rapidly depleting, so one has to look for other ways of producing energy, But why change to renewable energy already? Does the energy network even make a difference between green and grey energy? Solar panels are very expensive. Will the reduce in my monthly expenses really make up for that in the long run? Read the reviews of fellow energy users. These fellow clients have hands-on experience and tell all about their opinions and complain. Have any experience, opinion or complaint of your own, please share them by leaving a review of your own.

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    Green energy is energy that is generated with the help of clean and inexhaustable energy sources. Inexhaustible energy sources are energy sources that can be depleted, simply because the energy source will always be present. An example of an energy source that can be depleted is natural gas. This fossil fuel is in the ground, but can be depleted if it is used too much. An example of a clean and inexhaustable energy source is the sun. The sun provides us with solar energy, a good example of green energy that is both clean and inexhaustible. Green energy is also called renewable and the energy sources that provide green energy are also called renewable energy sources.

    Various forms of green energy
    There are several kind of energy sources that can generate green energy. The three most important sources for green or renewable energy are the following:

    1. The sun: the sun provides us with solar energy or, in other words, energy that is generated by the using the beams of the sun. Solar energy is collected by means of solar panels and can be used to generate electricity and warm your house with solar powered water boilers.

    2. The wind: the wind provides us with wind energy, or, in other words, energy that is generated by the power of the wind. Wind energy is used to use electricitu, for instance for electronic devices and light sources.

    3. The water: the water provides us with water power energy, or, in other words, energy that is generated by means of the power of the water By letting the water flow and use this stream to generate movement, water power energy is generated.

      The most popular form of green energy is solar energy, but also other forms of green energy are taken our frequently.

      The benefits of green energy
      Green energy has become more and more popular among both individuals and business users and that is not without reason. Of you take out green energy in stead of the grey energy of fossil fuel sources, than you profit from several benefits. The most important nebefits of taking out green energy are the following:

      • Green energy is good the the environment. Of you take out green energy you eject less CO2 and protect the earth from global warming.

      • Green energy cannot be depleted. Fossil fuel can disappear at a certain moment, but green energy is inexhaustable and can therefore always be generated.

      • Green energy can be used by anybody. Because green energy sources are public, everyone can use these energy sources to generate energy. If you want to use solar energy, for instance, all you need is the right means.

      If you generate green energy yourself, for instance by placing solar panels on your roof, than you can save a lot of money. In stead of taking out energy, you can generate energy yourself and cut back on your annual energy bill. Renewable energy like wind energy and water power energy are a bit harder to generate on your own, but this is only because the necessary means for these forms of green energy are a bit harder to come by.