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    Driving a camper is one of the most fun ways to travel to your holiday destination. There’s just something about that freedom to choose where you’re going and how long you stay there. But what if you cause an accident somewhere in a foreign country or your camper burns down because or a shortcut in the wires? In that case, surely, you want to be helped, preferably in English. An international breakdown service could come in handy. If you cannot trust on your current camper insurance company, you have a problem. To make if possible for you to prepare yourself as much as possible, we made an overview of all the insurance companies that offer a camper insurance policy. Read reviews by fellow camper owners to know how their company handled their situations and complaints. Any experience or opinion of your own to share? Feel free to leave a review!

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    More info about Camper insurance companies

    A camper insurance is an insurance that you take out to cover the damage that you cause with your camper to other people or their property. If you cause a car accident with your camper that results in someone being injured, if you are in accident with your camper by your own fault or drive over someone else’s possessions, than the camper insurance company covers the damage that you make.

    Who wants to take out a camper insurance can choose from many camper insurance companies. To give you a better view of of the different camper insurance companies, we described various camper insurance companies in the following paragraphs.

    You can choose for a basic camper insurance that covers only the damage that you cause to other people or their property. If you have damage to your own camper that is caused by your own fault, than that damage is not paid. That’s because this insurance is meant to cover damage to others and not damage to your own vehicle.

    If you do not think this is elaborate enough, you can take out an insurance that does not only covers damage to other people, but also damage that is done to your own camper. Not all damage will be paid, but for instance damage that is caused by storm, fire or wild animals are examples of situations in which
    the insurance company pays up. And you can also insurance your camper for a situation in which your caravan is stolen and never found.

    An even more elaborate insurance policy is the policy in which the insurance company covers almost all damage caused to your own camper. If you, for examle, bump into a car or other object, this damage is paid for by your insurace company. That way not only the money claims of other people or property are paid, but you will also get money to have your own camper fixed.

    Additional covers of a camper insurance
    If you take out a camper insurance, you can extent your insurance by an additional cover. This additional cover can cover, for instance, damage to the content of your camper, but also damage to the tent top of your camper or personal injuries to one of the people in your camper. Or if can cover legal aid when you get stuck in a juridical conflict that has to do with your camper or is caused because of it.