Have you ever thought about having your own domain name? For instance, to receive your email via your own name or to make a website for your family. Or, of course, to promote your company online. A domain name always comes with the hosting, so you rent a part of a server where you can place your website and share it with the world. But what hosting provider should you choose? Of course it’s an option to compare prices, but hosting providers too have big differences in quality and service. How often is your site online? If you have a question, do they offer good customer service? How user friendly is your e-mail? Is the hosing manager accessible? Those are all important matters to take into account before you subscribe for a year or more. This is why we have made an overview of all hosting providers. Thas way, you can read the experiences, opinions and complaints of fellow customers who already have hands-on experience with a company or provider, Any experience you want to share? Please leave a review of your own.

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