Are your monthly expenses too high? Or do you not want to have unforeseen expenses for your mobile subscription? Are you scared for your bill every single month because you already fear that you used more than your data bundle, call minutes or MB limit? Than, prepaid might be an option. Prepaid is the most easy way to keep your expenses under control. You pay a fixed amount of money. When the money runs out, your phone will just stop working, so you will never have to deal with unforeseen costs again. But how handy is this really? And how do you charge your phone’s calling credit? Can you pay via credit card? How can you check your calling credit and can you check this online? These are all questions that your fellow customers can answer. We made an overview of all telephone providers who offer prepaid service. Read their hands-on experiences, reviews, opinions and complaints, so you can see what it really means when you choose prepaid.

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