Sim only prepaid, or rather a subscription from another provider? And why would you not take a mobile direct phone with your sim-only? Sim only is often a smart choice. Subscriptions from mobile phone companies mostly entail the payment of your ‘free’ phone, which means that, in the end, you pay for your phone anyway. What if your phone breaks because of a fall? Often, you still have to pay your subscription as if your phone is still included. In that case, you’ll have to buy a new mobile phone anyway, cause your subscription often cannot be changed for two more years. It’s also possible to buy more calling minutes or MBs, but you cannot change that back. Troublesome and risky. That’s why sometimes sim-only is a better choice. But what’s the best choice? We leave the answer to that question up to you to decide. Do you have experience with a sim-only subscription? Than write a review and let everyone know which company you think should get a positive or negative rating.

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