Blockchain technology in tracking the spread of coronavirus

Blockchain technology in tracking the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease first discovered in Wuhan, Hubei province, China on Dec. 30, 2019. This virus has affected tens of thousands of people in China and is fast spreading to other cities outside Wuhan.

According to the CDC, several cases identified include more than 31000 in china and nearly 300 outside China. World Health Organization (WHO) shows that out of 17,000 cases of the virus, 82% are mild, 15% severe and 3% critical, 2% are already reported dead. Blockchain technology has presented a lot of opportunities and nations should be quick to develop it to fully utilize its full potential. Blockchain is essentially a record of digital events. As the number of deaths and infected cases of coronavirus continues to increase, global organizations have come forward with blockchain technology to fight it.

Along with monetary and equipment support, technology also plays a big role in fighting the virus by providing better plans and solutions. Xiang Hu Bao, an online blockchain-backed mutual aid platform, mentions coronavirus as a critical illness eligible for a 100000yuan payout. This blockchain network is used to increase speed, efficiency and to reduce fraud. According to a spokesman from Ant Financial company that funds corona payouts, Xiang Hu Bao has had the ability to process claims and make quicker payouts, due to the trustworthy nature of blockchain technology. He claims that applicants can provide supporting documents as evidence so that investigation firms can get quick access to them on the blockchain.

Similarly, Blue cross insurance company in Hong Kong is also leveraging the power of blockchain technology to efficiently increase the Claims’ process. According to the company’s managing director, services of blockchain-backed claims have played a big role during the coronavirus outbreak by completely doing away with the paperwork and the delivery of documents to and from clinics. This helps to reduce the risk of face to face contact infection.

Blockchain aid in real-time online tracking

Acoer, a blockchain app developer based in Atlanta has launched an online data visualization tool to track the outbreak of coronavirus using blockchain technology. Acoer platform called Hashlog pulls data from the Hedera Hashgraph database using the Hashlog data visualization engine. Hedera Hashgraph is a transparent database based on distributed ledger technology providing synchronized data from public networks. companies aiding in fighting coronavirus include:

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