How Do E-Commerce Brands Attract Investors?

How Do E-Commerce Brands Attract Investors?

The key thing entrepreneurs should consider before starting their e-commerce is funding sources and where to market. An average business may require up to $10,000 in startup capital, while larger businesses may require over $1,000,000. The entrepreneur can combine loans and self-funding to raise capital.

They also have an option to tap into investor funding which comes with more benefits. Some e-commerce entrepreneurs who are already in business may require to boost funds through investors. Many business people get challenges preparing their online business to make it attractive to investors.

Prioritizing technology

E-commerce cannot run without technology, but the type of technology an entrepreneur chooses determines how fast the business will grow. Technology is what connects online businesses with customers. They use mobile devices and computers to place orders, compare products, make payments, and follow up on shipments.

For an investor to be attracted to the online business, they will first consider the level of technology applied by the owner in its operations. They want a business that can connect buyers through multiple channels to increase sales opportunities. They look into the future of the business in terms of how serious the owner is in investing in technology.

One of the latest technology trends in online businesses is headless e-commerce. The technology separates business front operations from the back end. The technology helps the online business overcome challenges of speed, cybersecurity, dynamism, and customer experience. Headless e-commerce has further evolved recently by making the front end more vibrant. Developers have created mach architecture where applications are delivered in smaller components. Each of them work independently to fulfill the main business goal.

Refining e-commerce vision and mission

A business vision defines what the entrepreneur wants to achieve in the long run. The mission defines the daily steps the business owner will take to make the vision a reality. These two components are what give the owner zeal to work hard because they are pursuing something great and important.

Every investor will want to know where the online business is headed and the means it is using to get there. This makes refining the vision and mission of the business very critical. The two components must be very clear, compelling, achievable, and real. Investors need to be convinced that the business is headed in the right direction before they invest their resources into it.

Part of vision and mission achievement processes include having the right marketing strategies, concrete processes, and well-defined operational costs. Even if all these processes and strategies may not have enough funding, they should be firmly in place. The investor will see the gap and agree to fill it.

Building potential for growth

An online business must show full growth potential regardless of whether it is struggling with funding. Revenue potential in e-commerce is measured in different ways. Investors will first look to see quantifiable mid-term to long-term growth potential.

The main thing they will look into is how competitive the business is against other similar e-businesses. This is its ability to make bigger sales and build higher customer loyalty. These two components are achieved through high service quality and competitive pricing. Service quality in e-commerce is tied to multiple factors, such as the use of headless e-commerce to build systems with greater speed and user-friendly applications.

The online business needs to be highly defensible. This means it must have unique products or services that are not easily replicable. If a strong competitor enters the market, the product or service must remain viable in all market segments.

Beyond these critical components, investors will also look at the potential of the business’s online audience. It needs to have a strong audience that gives the company impressive business sales. Another key thing is the growth plan or strategic plan that focuses on current and future growth.

Working with the right team

An online business may invest in the latest technologies, such as headless e-commerce and have the best growth plan. Unfortunately, if the team running it is not the right one, the business will not prevail in a highly competitive e-commerce field. No investor wants to risk their resources to a team that is destined for failure.

A good e-commerce team must be visionary and capable. To be visionary means the team must consistently be thoughtful about the business’s future. They must use their imagination and wisdom about the future to create a clear path on what should be done today to help achieve the future. A competent team can dream right and act right.

Investors will appreciate entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable about their niche. They will appreciate it more if the person is working with a talented, highly effective, and diverse team to fulfill the business vision and mission. If they are impressed with the team, they wouldn’t mind bringing new ideas, funds, and networks into the business.

Being ready to answer the questions

Investors will be interested in learning every detail about the online business. They will be interested in studying the business accounts since it started or how impressive the strategic plan is if it is a startup. They recognize the importance of working with the right team and having the latest technologies in online business systems. These are all excellent components, but they would also want to hear from the owner.

The reason why investors want to interview online business owners is that they want to understand the need for funding. This is achieved in two ways, and it starts with a proposal to investors. Unless investors see a viable opportunity in a startup or an already running online business, they will rarely directly approach the owner to be allowed to invest in it. In almost all cases, it is the business owner who approaches the investors.

The entrepreneur should create an attractive proposal and identify potential investors who will agree to buy the proposal. They should make sure they include all critical points on where the business is and where it is headed. After that, they must be ready to meet with the investors and answer all questions. Every answer given should convince them to invest in the business.


During the startup or growth phase, an entrepreneur may find the need to seek funding from investors. No investor will agree to put their money into a business that doesn’t seem viable. It is upon the business person to make their e-commerce attractive to investors. They should be keen on investing in the latest technology, have the right team, and have an impressive plan.

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