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    Do you love seafood? But are you also concerned with the environmental damage that is often caused by fishing? Vital Choice promises to provide sustainable seafood, as well as other organic food. But does it deliver on this claim? Are Vital Choice’s products affordable? Are they delivered on time and in good quality? How nutritional is the food that Vital Choice provides? Can you trust Vital Choice? Read what Vital Choice’s customers have to say in their reviews on this website!

    About Vital Choice
    Randy Hartnell

    , the founder of Vital Choice and a native of Washington State, is very concerned with sustainable and environmentally conscious food. As such, he is very concerned the low ranking of the United States (80th) in health and fitness. Because providing low cost food is a higher priority for the food industry than providing sustainable and healthy foods, many Americans are suffering from obesity and other diseases. Considering many illnesses are preventable with changes in your diet in lifestyle, Vital Choice seeks to help consumers make those changes.

    Vital Choice started 13 years ago and has maintained the highest standards in customer service, sustainability and quality. Vital Choice’s food is certified organic and Kosher. Vitla Choice also supports coastal communities and helps save wild salmon. Vital Choice donates to the Weil Foundation, the Monterey Aquarium, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Raincoast Research.


    Vital Choice offers many different seafood roducts. You can get the following fish at Vital Choice:

    • salmon
    • halibut
    • cod
    • sablefish
    • ahi tuna
    • albacore tuna
    • smoked fish
    • smoked lox
    • sausages
    • salmon dogs
    • wild salmon burgers
    • wild salmon bacon
    • petrale sole

    If you love shellfish, you can purchase scallops, clams, oysters, mussels, wild shrimp, spot prawns, crab, lobster and calamari at Vital Choice. Vital Choice not only offers fish, but also meat like paleo-friendly pork, grass-fed bison, grass-fed beef, heritage chicken, bone broth and fish and meat burgers and hotdogs.

    If you are looking for canned and pouched seafood, you can get salmon, sardines, tuna, anchovies, shrimp, crab, mackerel, mussels and samplers.


    food available at Vital Choice includes prepared kits, prepared broths, prepared soups, frozen berries, oils, vinegars, garlic, marinades, seasonings, natural salmon jerky, natural bison jerky, dried fruits, chocolate, trial mixes, seaweed and kelp.

    If you are looking for supplements, you can get Omega-3 wild salmon oil, vitamin and Omega-3 combos, high DHA brain care therapy, daily drose packs, Omega-3 krill oil, vital Omega-3/6 test kits and curcumin in wild salmon oil.

    Why Vital Choice? That's what this video sets out to explain. Does it succeed?

    Comments, concerns and complaints

    To reach Vital Choice’s customer service, you can engage in a live chat or fill out a contact form. You can call to order 24/7 by calling 800-608-825. To reach the help desk, you can call 866-482-5887 on weekdays from 7am to 4pm PST. To contact Vital Choice in writing, you can use the following address:

    Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics
    PO Box 4121
    Bellingham, WA 98227

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