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    Are you concerned about all of the disturbing content that your child can access online? Having your innocent child unwittingly stumbling upon a pornography website is a nightmare that many parents share. But it does not even have to be pornography, it can also be images or videos that depict extreme and disturbing violence. You do not want your ten-year-old exposed to such imagery. You also do not want your son or daughter at risk of being abused by cyberbullies or online predators. How do you protect your children? Forcefield promises to relief you of these concerns. But can your trust Forcefield? Is Forcefield easy for children to bypass? Is it ethical to use Forcefield? Does using Forcefield mean that you are spying on your own children? Can Forcefield guarantee that your children are protected against all (or at least most) online threats? How well does Forcefield work on mobile devices? Is Forcefield fairly priced or unnecessarily expensive? Does using Forcefield inhibit the building of trust in your parent-child relationship? Is monitoring your child’s online activity equal to reading your child’s diary?

    About Forcefield

    Whether you call it spying, monitoring activity, or parenting, Forcefield gives you the ability to keep track of what your children are doing online. Forcefield is currently only available on iOS devices. This means that you can use it on Mac laptops, iPhones and iPads but not on PCs or Android devices. Forcefield uses mobile device management, which was first used by companies to control and manage the business phones of their employees.

    Forcefield encourages parents to talk to their children about monitoring their online activitiy before starting to use Forcefield. But how do you have this conversation? This video seeks to provide guidance for talking to your children about using Forcefield. Would this video help you talk to your children about Forcefield?


    There are a lot of nasty things on the internet that you do not want your child exposed to. Forcefield allows you to lock your children’s phones in YouTube Restricted Mode and Google SafeSearch. Using these features, you can be assured that your child does not accidentally visit a porn website, or watch a video showing excessive, gruesome and lingering violence.

    Many people are already living online, but many parents do not want their children to do so. App Sleeper allows you to turn off apps on your children’s devices. This ensures that your children are no longer distracted by their mobile phones when they are at school, making homework or going to sleep.

    There are also many good things about the internet. Some websites feature great educational content, and you want to encourage your child to visit these websites. Forcefield has a curated library that includes websites and applications that are beneficial to your child’s education.

    Next to protecting your child from malicious content and promoting good and kid-approved websites, Forcefield also gives you the ability to monitor your son or daughter’s online activity. You can view every app that your child installs on their device, all the websites your children visit (and how long they visit them) and what photos they post on social media. You can turn these features off if you want to give your children a little bit more privacy. This especially applies to older kids.

    Comments, concerns and complaints

    You cannot install Forcefield secretly. This is because the founder of Forcefield believes that it is important for parents to talk about using Forcefield with their kids first, in order to prevent an uneasy relationship between parent and child. Forcefield also does not allow you to view your children’s texts or e-mails, because that would be an invasion of your children’s privacy.

    You can reach Forcefield’s customer service by calling 1-323-302-8733, or by e-mailing Lastly, you can also connect with Forcefield’s help desk in writing, using the following address:
    5055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 330, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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