How the gaming market in North America is booming

How the gaming market in North America is booming

In recent years, the global gaming market has increased in success, in which it is now worth an average of $197 billion. Thanks to new and ever-evolving technologies that the gaming industry is quickest to adopt, more people than ever have access to a whole variety of video games.

North America generates the most gaming revenue when compared to other nations, at US$51,310.00m, with the largest segment being video games. Over the years, the laws around casino gaming online in North America have been a gray area, in which it has been illegal in many states and regions to play any sort of gambling games from a provider on US or Canadian land. That being said, people have been able to access games from offshore providers.

However, in recent years, casino gaming laws have changed for the better which has meant the industry has been able to expand across North America and is now booming. Today, Canadians enjoy some of the best online casinos, with a whole host of games on offer.

Below, we’ll take a look at factors driving the success of the North American gaming market and what sort of games are on offer.

Why is gaming so successful?

Video gaming has been a popular global pastime since the days of the first handheld gaming consoles were available. From providing an escape from everyday life to offering an outlet to blow off steam, as well as being a great source of entertainment while at home or on the go.

Yet, in recent years, video gaming has become more popular than ever before, particularly among minority groups such as older people and women. How games can be played today, as well as much of the content available, has appealed to a new and diverse audience, meaning there’s a much larger market for the video gaming industry to sell to.

What’s more, as one of the quickest industries to uptake new technologies, the video gaming industry has kept an edge and has been able to produce new and exciting game titles and technologies that keep players entertained and loyal to gaming companies.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors and new technologies that have enabled the video gaming industry in North America to progress.

Greater accessibility

While it’s hard to believe, there are parts of the US and Canada that struggle to receive adequate internet coverage, particularly in remote areas. However, as internet technology has improved and become more affordable to many households, more people than ever can access their favorite games.

More devices available

The rapid development of new gaming consoles and smartphones has meant that people can get a better gaming experience on portable devices. As such, more people than ever are now opting to play video games on their phones or on a tablet, often through the integrated app that is available through the App Store.

More ways to pay

Historically, making transactions on the internet was not as trusted as going into a store to make a payment. There were typically quite a few risks to using your card to pay online which put people off making gaming purchases. However, today there are many more secure ways of paying, from using a cryptocurrency to utilizing an e-wallet like Venmo or PayPal.

A more immersive experience

One of the issues with video gaming is that the player's environment can be a big distraction. However, new technologies like virtual reality and live streaming dealers in online casinos have helped the experience to feel more immersive. These technologies are helping to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual worlds for a more enjoyable experience.

What types of games are most popular?

In today’s market, there are a variety of gaming types available, from console games to games that can be streamed online like casino games. But which ones are the most popular?

In recent years, mobile gaming has been driving the success of the North American gaming market. Mobile games are the leading market share in North America, in which there were more than 200 million mobile gamers as of last year in the US alone.

Technology has contributed to this greatly, with many smartphones becoming more geared up to handle games. Not only have graphics and sound improved but so have device geometry, memory capacity, and battery life.

What titles are most popular?

According to research, some of the most popular titles at the moment are classics that have been around for a while, including Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Angry Birds. In addition to this, social games like Among Us, and Words with Friends have become incredibly popular too as people look for online communities to offer them companionship.

Overall, the North American video gaming market has boomed in recent years, and it’s no surprise with all the latest technology that’s available. Not only is technology a driving factor but the video gaming market has adapted to appeal to a wider range of people, meaning the industry is going to continue to grow for a while.

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