What Does Volatility Mean on a Slot Machine- 2022 Guide

What Does Volatility Mean on a Slot Machine- 2022 Guide

Even the biggest slot players may have difficulty understanding volatility since many don't consider it an important aspect when choosing a slot game to play. Many players focus solely on the RTP rate. However, volatility should be a critical parameter when looking at slot games and choosing an online casino CA.

In essence, volatility measures how risky a game is. Even seasoned players will argue that all slots carry a certain risk - and that's true. Nonetheless, some games will be more predictable than others, and that's where volatility comes in. So, what is volatility, and how can you use it to improve your chances when playing slots?

What is Volatility?

Slot volatility determines how frequently a slot pays out. As we've mentioned, volatility measures risk, specifically the risk of losing a bet. Put another way; volatility can predict how often players can win big or small prizes.

Volatility can vary according to three levels - low, medium or high. With higher volatilities you’ll win less frequently, but the wins are usually bigger and worthwhile. Here are the main benefits of each type:

Benefits of Low Volatility Slots

Low volatility games usually have higher chances of winning smaller prizes. Therefore, they're not the first pick for those looking for enormous wins. Yet, many enjoy them thanks to their steady payouts.

Opting for low volatility slots makes managing your bankroll and limiting losses easier. It'll also let you play for longer since you're not risking as much.

Low volatility slots are great for those who want to have a good time with regular wins but no massive wins.

Benefits of Medium Volatility Slots

Many refer to medium volatility slots as the perfect balance between high and low volatility. Thus, many players choose them as they can expect fewer wins and bigger payouts compared to low volatility games.

This means medium volatility slots can be a little more frustrating than their low volatility counterparts. On the other hand, players will win more frequently than highly volatile games.

You should pick a medium volatility slot if you want regular yet considerable wins.

Benefits of High Volatility Slots

In one sentence, high volatility slots can also be named "go big or go home" slots thanks to their higher risk.

You'll rarely win when playing these games, but it may be worth the wait when you do. Many high volatility slots often feature prizes or jackpots over 10,000x the stake.

These games are great for those with a bigger bankroll and more patience. Much like college students during exam season, you should manage your time wisely when playing high volatility slots. The saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" and that’s definitely the case with high volatility slots.

Keep in mind there are also medium-low and medium-high volatility slots.

How to Find a Slot's Volatility

In most scenarios, finding a slots' volatility is an easy task. Still, some casinos choose to hide this information, making it harder to find. Luckily there’s a simple way to find the volatility if you can’t see it on a specific slot. Generally, there are three ways to determine a slots' volatility. Here's how:

  • Look at The Game's Description

Reputable and licensed casinos will likely mention the volatility of their games. This way, users will automatically know if they can expect steady yet small payouts or rare but huge winnings.

If you own an online casino business, here's a small tip - always mention your game's volatility and make it easy for users to see the information, and users will thank you.

  • Search the Web

Should your chosen casino lack this information, your next best option is to search for the volatility online. Sometimes, typing your slot's name and volatility will allow you to find this information quickly. You may also find this information included in helpful reviews that can make it easier to see if the particular game is a good fit for you before wagering.

Checking the developer's website is usually the best way to ensure the mentioned volatility is correct.

  • Play the Game

This is the most time-consuming method. But it will allow you to determine the size and frequency of wins, which can help you calculate a game's volatility.

We suggest you try the free version, so you don't have to spend your hard-earned funds testing a game.

  • Check the Bonus' Frequency

Slots with many bonus features or progressive jackpots are usually more volatile. Since these bonuses can be quite rewarding, they won't frequently happen, telling you a lot about a slot's volatility.


Volatility is a simple yet important term in online casino games that’s often overlooked. Many players endure losses as they fail to choose the right volatility for their playing style and budget. Some casinos are also to blame, as they fail to provide this information.

Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to improve your chances. This includes choosing the right volatility and testing games before playing with real money.

Choosing the right volatility is a matter of preference. No matter how many tips we give you, you're responsible for making your own decisions based on how you prefer to play.

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