What You Need to Know as A First-Time Cat Owner

What You Need to Know as A First-Time Cat Owner

A dog is often described as man's best friend, but do you know you can equally have that same satisfying relationship with its feline counterparts, cats? Famously considered pets for old ladies who live alone, cats are becoming more popular as a pet choice. If and when you decide on having a pet, you should know that they require a lot of care and dedication from their owner. You assume a parent's role to feed and groom them, and in return, they give you their unwavering loyalty.

Outstanding Benefits of Cats As Pets

Cats, especially, are a species that are beneficial in a home. They are lovable companions that bring happiness and joy to their owners, especially if the cat care given to them is top-notch. Some benefits of owning a cat are;

  • They make for good companions

Have you ever wondered why old ladies are fans of cats? They make for good companions. They can fill the void that opens when you find yourself alone. Depending on the breed, you will find some sit on your lap or follow you wherever you go. They will also wait for you at the end of every tiring day.

  • They are good listeners

You can rest assured that your secret is safe with your cat, as they are good outlets for pouring out your woes. Studies have shown that talking to your cat can be quite relaxing. Not only do they listen well, but they might also reassure you with a purr, which is sweet and pleasant.

  • They help you heal faster

Studies have shown that a cat's purr is also to help them heal faster. They do not only purr when they are happy but also when in pain so that they heal better, and this ability also works on humans. It is believed that petting a cat and listening to its purring can help mend your bones and relieve your injury.

  • Cat owners have a healthier heart

Petting a cat is beneficial to a cat owner since it is relaxing. A study has shown that people who own cats and invest in cat care have a 30% chance of dodging stroke and other heart problems. They also keep their owners less agitated as they are easier to care for than dogs.

  • They make You more responsible

Having a pet generally makes one more responsible. As you are responsible for the cat food supplies, you are also accountable for its grooming, medical needs, et cetera. A pet requires a lot of attention and care. You can check out Pet Care Supplies reviews here or Sierra Pet Meds reviews when you are looking to get the necessary supplies and medicine your pet requires. Kids with pets are believed to grow up into responsible adults.

  • They make men more datable

Studies have shown that women prefer men that have cats as pets. They are considered nicer than those who keep dogs. Cats are feminine, so it is believed that you would understand a woman better when you understand them.

Why Adopting A Pet is Better than Owing It

Getting the perfect pet cat can actually be a hassle as they all are cute little things, but it is also an excellent option when you adopt a cat. Adopting a pet, though not a widely considered option, has many advantages;

  • You save a life when you adopt

Each year, it is estimated that over a million cats and dogs are euthanized in the US because there are too many pets in the shelters. You save the life of an animal by adopting them and rescuing them from being euthanized.

  • The pets are healthy and in excellent condition

You will find that the pets are in excellent condition and very healthy. Many of the pets at these locations are there because of human problems. You will also find that most of them are already house-trained.

  • It will cost you less to adopt

It also costs less to adopt a pet than buying one. If you consider the financial hassle of buying, it will be best to consider adopting a pet.

By adopting a pet, you decrease the burden of raising the kittens, and at the same time, show kindness to one of the million animals that require it.

Things To Consider Before Adopting a Pet

When you buy or adopt that cute pet, you should make sure to check the state of its health and medical history. You should know the medicines and vaccinations that are necessary to keep the pets healthy. With the coronavirus pandemic out there, people are concerned with whether there are risks to owning a pet. The virus is not particularly picky about infecting mammals, so you should ensure that you get your pet checked and tested.

Like humans, animals tend to be under emotional duress when they are not fit. You can introduce toys as a means of getting them to exercise. Toys that would attract and engage your pet have to combine materials that they like. These materials engage their five senses. Materials like wool and fur, bells, lights, et cetera. Some toys you can consider getting for your cats are;

  • Wand toys

It can be as simple as a stick with a thin piece of fabric attached to it. Many objects like feathers, bells, etc. can be attached to attract your pet's attention.

  • Ball toys

Ball toys are very attractive to cats as the ball's movement closely resembles a running mouse or other prey animals.

Online Reviews Can Help You Locate Shop for Cat Supplies

You can ease the burden of searching for the perfect pet shop by looking them up on US-Reviews. You will find many pet shops review on this site and choose the best store for picking up your pet. Online reviews are very important when shopping for a pet as you can gauge better the best choice for you. You will also know more about other animals and horse cares, et cetera on US-Reviews. You may consider the site as a conglomeration of the online presence of all United States businesses.

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