Why Browser-Based Gaming is Experiencing a Second Wind 

Why Browser-Based Gaming is Experiencing a Second Wind 

Though once thought of as being a simple and easy gaming experience, browser-based gaming is considered to be experiencing a second wind. Attracting more people than ever before, it is showing that it is a more than valid form of gaming. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that are making browser-based gaming better than ever before.

An Increase in Graphics

First and foremost, there has been a massive leap forward in terms of game design. Browser-based games once had a reputation for being quite simplistic. They will have carried very simple designs and basic animations. It might have looked good, but it would not have held a candle to many of the other games out there available through apps or downloads.

However, browser games have definitely stepped it up in recent years. Developments in3D modelling and animation have meant that game developers have been able to create some epic games that look beautiful, and can stand up against some of their downloadable counterparts. The quality of the graphics is a big reason why many would choose one game over another. Since developers are willing to deliver high-quality graphics, it undoubtedly means that many players will be drawn in to try them.

Big Partnerships

Many browser-based games are attracting big partnerships, and this will help them to draw in a bigger audience than before. If players recognise something about the game before they decide to load it, it can be a big help in getting them to actually play it.

For example,GGPoker has a relationship and tie-ins with the World Series of Poker. This helps to give their games some authority and prestige beyond whatever the site can give them. The same can be said for any game that carries a shoutout from one of the big gamers on a platform like Twitch or YouTube. Getting them to play the game can attract a lot of interest to it, and it could result in lots of engagement for the brand. The right partnership at the right time can shine a spotlight on the game, and this can then result in a massive interest in the game from players.

Mobile Gaming

A second-wind in browser-based gaming can also be attributed, in part, to the rise of mobile gaming. Smartphones have allowed us to experience a wide variety of different media. They have advanced gaming fantastically, and not just through apps and mobile games.

Since games on a smartphone can be accessed anywhere at any time (all you need is an internet connection), this often makes them perfect for browser-based gaming. Many game developers are ensuring that their games have aresponsive web design so they can be played perfectly whether accessed on laptop or mobile. This, again, helps to bring a wide audience to their games. A big audience always means that game developers are going to look for a way in which they can make their titles even better. This is true whether it is for an app or a browser-based game.

When we see great leaps forward in technology, it doesn’t just benefit the gaming industry that focuses on apps and downloadable software. Even the humble browser-based game is able to take a step forward. This, in turn, leads to more players who are happy to check these games out and see what they have to offer. The fresh engagement will then lead to further development, sparking a cycle of success. All of this then leads to the situation we currently see; browser-based gaming experiencing a much-deserved second wind!

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