Why is time tracking so important?

Why is time tracking so important?

With rising prices, quite a few people in Germany are working more than before. Quite a few accept second jobs in order to be able to continue to achieve their accustomed level of comfort. Others prefer to work independently or go looking for a job as a freelancer. At the same time, jobs exist where it is difficult to determine the hours of work. The reason for this can be creative aspects, which allow the employee to work when the work performance is actually required. What sounds efficient, however, can have disadvantages if the working hours are not recorded correctly. If this happens, it is difficult to pay the employee correctly. The question then also arises for the self-employed as to how they should account for the hours worked.

Convenient time management for employees and accurate recording of overtime are definitely possible

For those who like to organize their working hours flexibly, time records are always important. In this way, someone can precisely determine the time of his activities and account for them transparently at the end. This solution is practical for people who have other obligations in addition to work, such as caring for relatives in need of care or picking up and supervising children. This is just as true in the traditional employee sector as it is for the self-employed who want to arrange their working hours more freely. Where employees used to work overtime, which was often barely recorded so that it could not be accounted for correctly, precise time recording steps in and thus ensures appropriate remuneration in the end. After all, all working time should be accounted for and paid for.

Time tracking provides several advantages for employees and self-employed persons

The personnel time registration or also the Time and Attendance system is found in more and more small and large enterprises. Where general attendance systems were more common, especially in the employee sector, it is advantageous for the self-employed to be able to record their working hours accurately. Flexible working practices supported by time recording make it easier to plan working hours and to find out when and where a service was actually performed. But with time tracking or the Time and Attendance System, there are even more benefits for employees, as it makes it easy to see who is substituting or when vacation days can be scheduled. Where previously, subjective assessments of employees' diligence and discipline were the order of the day on the part of management, it is now possible to correctly identify how many hours have been worked.

More turnover for companies and a better overview of working hours and absences

The Time and Attendance System offers advantages that cannot be denied, and not only for employees and freelancers or the self-employed. Employers or bosses of start-ups simply deploy their employees flexibly when they realize that some of them perform better in the morning than in the evening. In this way, the profitability of companies can be strengthened in the long term in a targeted manner, which was hardly possible in the past.

This is how employers recognize the potential of their employees: with time tracking to more turnover

Those who show little work potential are reassigned to other work hours or called in for an interview. This allows solutions to be found more quickly and ensures that employees are actually contributing their productivity to the process flow and not just sitting out their working hours, as it is still the case in many traditional companies. Such modern methods save companies money in the end and can help increase sales.

Employees are often more satisfied at work when they are free to work as they please

While the benefits to employers in terms of cost savings and increasing the potential of turnover outweigh the disadvantages, employee satisfaction is far too neglected in most companies. In the end, coaching courses are scheduled to ensure a better climate in the company and to strengthen the team spirit. This effort can be prevented preventively with simple approaches, because those who rely on flexible working hours will tap the full energy of employees within a very short time. In addition, it has been shown that they are more satisfied with their work and thus create a high-quality working atmosphere from which all employees in the company benefit equally. As a boss, it is important to first discuss this idea with your employees so that they can also be convinced of the concept of time recording including flexible working hours.

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