Do you need new batteries but are you struggling to find the exact battrey that you need for your device? may have what you are looking for. Bu how good are the batteries offered on Are they of high quality? Are they delivered in a timely fashion? How long do the batteries on last? Read reviews and learn the answers to these questions!

    About offers high-quality and rechargeable batteries that are made using cutting edge technology. delivers batteries directly from the manufacturer, thereby skipping a “middle man” whocould make prices significatnly higher.

    This video explains the different types of batteries.


    You can get the following batteries at All-Battery

    • Li-ion Battery
    • Li-Polymer Cells & Packs
    • LiFePO4 Battery
    • Battery PCB
    • Batter PCM
    • Battery BMS
    • NiMH Batteries
    • NiCD Batteries
    • Popular Battery Combos
    • Alakaline Batteries
    • Lithium Primary Batteries
    • Button Cells

    Customers should know that the alkaline and lithium batteries, as well as the button cells are primary batteries. A primary battery is non-rechargeable. The NiMH and NiCD batteries, as well as the popular battery combos are rechargeable. They are available as AA, AAA, C. D and 9V.

    Getting a rechargeable battery can be useful, but remians useless as long as you do not have a battery charger. And even if you have a battery charger, it is not very helpful when the battery charger is of low-quality. All-Battery offers battery chargers for rechargeables, for NiMH and NiCD battery packs, for Li-on, Li-on Polymer and LiPO battery backs, for LiFePO4 batteries, for CR123 and CRKV4 batteries, for leak acid batteries and for Li-on and LiFePO4 Cylindrical Battery Cells.

    All-Battery also offers universal chargers, charger kits, power banks, and products for testing and analyzing batteries.

    If you love miniature models you will still sometimes be in a situation where your models’ batteries are depleted. offers batteries for your model airplanes, model cars, model helicopters, model quadcopters and other toys. Airsoft and vacuum batteries are availablle, as well as batteries for STEM and/or robotics nerds.

    Batteries are moreover available for home improvement items like LED lighting, LED flashlights, oridnary flashlights, photo-cameras and power tools. Solar garden light batteries and replacement roomba batteries are also available. You can furthermore get sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries and chargers. does not exclusively sell batteries. You can also get Bluetooth items like speakers, Bluetooth beanies, mobile chargers, power banks, computer accessories like keyboards and mouses, as well as Apple accessories like USB car chargers and Apple certified cables.

    Fans of sports and travelling can get bikes, helmets, bike lights, inverters, adaptors, car adaptors, DC-AC and DC-DC converters, eBikes, scooters and emergency light batteries. Other accessories lke PVC connectors, adaptors, batter cases and boxes are also available.

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    This is my shop.I have my own workshop and readings. I do use batteries freequuenly
    All battery.Com is supplier all kind of batteries big and small..
    Genuine shop, reasonable prices.

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