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Reviews Avast

Everyone needs good antivirus software to protect your desktop against viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and other dangers. Is Avast software the best option? How does Avast compare to McAfee, Norton, Symantec and AVG? Is free Avast really free? And do you get all of the essential features with the free version or do you really need to go premium in order to responsibly protect your computer? Is Avast easy to use? Can you trust Avast? Read what real customers have to say!

About Avast
Avast is a Czech company that was established in 1991.  Problem-solving has always been at the core of Avast, and that is also how the company first got started. A researcher at the Mathematical Machines Research Institute made a program 1988 to remove the Vienna virus. When he shared it with his colleague, they founded Avast as a cooperative. When Czechoslovakia ceased to exist and the Czech Republic became a capitalist society, Avast became a joint-venture company.

Avast grew very quickly. After Avast launched its free antivirus software in 2001, the company’s users grew to over a million. In 2006, Avast even doubled its users from 10 million to 20 million. Avast repeated this the following years, and even reaching 40 million users despite only having 38 employees. In 2013, over 200 million devices are protected with Avast.

Avast has acquired another antivirus software program, AVG technologies in 2013. Despite this, both brands will continue. 

In 2017, PC Mag praised Avast’s free antivirus sevice because of excellent performance in tests, great protection against malware and phishing, inspection of Wi-Fi networks for possible weaknesses in its security features and its password manager. 

So if Avast’s free service is so great, why bother to use the premium version? The premium features include protection against ransomware. Ransomware refers to when hackers encrypt your private files and force you to pay for them to be de-encypted. Avast also protects against fake websites, scam emails and identity theft.

If you want to use another antivirus, like Bitdefender, Avira or Microsoft Defender, you can put Avast in passive mode. Avast can also clean your browser toolbar of unwanted extensions, put notifications on hold during your gaming sessions and let you use suspicious files in a safe environment before you allow them to run on your PC.

Avast is not only available for PC, but also for Mac, iOS (both the iPhone and the iPad) and Android

How good is Avast's protection against ransomware? This video by The PC Security Channel tests this feature for you.

Comments, complaints and concerns
Avast’s FAQ-page addresses supported operating systems, adjusting the sensitivity of Anti-spam, scanning e-mail accounts, system requirements, installing Avast, upgrading to the latest version of Avast and transferring licenses to new computers.

To contact Avast’s customer service, you can call 1-844-340-9251. It is important to note that you need to pay for premium support. 

Have you used Avast’s antivirus software? Are you satisfied with its performance? Write a review and let us know!

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