The Best Birthday Outfits for Men (USA edition)

The Best Birthday Outfits for Men (USA edition)
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There’s no law that says guys aren’t allowed to care about their appearances, especially for special occasions like birthdays. In fact, trends are changing in recent years to allow men more space for self-expression than ever, even if you’re not a celebrity walking the red carpet.

However, many guys aren’t used to dressing up and putting themselves first. Or, you might be a fashion plate in your everyday life, but want some inspiration when it comes to your birthday outfits.

Whichever phrase describes you better, we have the comprehensive guide to birthday outfits for men for you. In this guide, we cover everything from picking out a birthday outfit to finding the right shops.

Picking Your Outfit By Occasion

There are a few different factors to consider when you’re picking out your birthday outfit. One is the occasion and situation where you will be celebrating. You should dress very differently if you’re going to a ball game with your bros than if you’re all sitting down for a formal dinner, for example.

Even if you’re celebrating your birthday in a very casual setting, that doesn’t mean that you can’t break out one of these trendy birthday outfits for men. A casual, put-together look is as simple as pairing a patterned button-down with fitted jeans and nice sneakers. Instead of wearing a plain polo or button-down, a bright color or floral print will help you stand out without making you feel overdressed.

If you are celebrating your special day in a more formal setting, then you will need one of these formal birthday outfits for men. You can never go wrong with a nice fitted suit. Instead of a plain black suit, choose a navy one, or switch the color of the blazer if you don’t want to switch the color of the whole suit.

For milestone birthdays such as bar mitzvahs at 13 or sweet sixteens, you can’t go wrong with a tuxedo (for more on dressing for milestone birthdays when you’re young, check out this advice on birthday outfits for teens).

Figuring Out Your Style

Once you’ve figured out how formal you want to dress for your birthday, the choice in menswear might still be overwhelming. How do you figure out what your style is?

There are a few websites that can help you out with gathering inspiration for the types of clothing that you like. For example, Well Dressed Brother is a great go-to for picking out birthday outfits for black men.

More important than any shopping guide is how you feel in your own skin. You should wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Before buying an outfit and accidentally spending your whole birthday in a scratchy suit, check out webshop reviews for other customer experiences.

Where to Buy Birthday Outfits

There are so many menswear shops out there that it’s hard to know where to start when shopping for your birthday outfits for men. Here are some of the webshops that we recommend, but be sure to check out reviews before buying.

Before you put on a fitted dress shirt, whether you’re wearing it under a suit jacket or on its own, do you have the right undergarments? Luckily, Sloane is making fitted undershirts that provide a comfortable protective layer while being nearly invisible. As Sloane Men reviews show, this is definitely not your grandpa’s undershirt.

An important part of all outfits for birthday are the shoes. Born is one of the best retailers for casual yet well-crafted footwear. Born reviews rave about how comfortable they are, perfect if you’re spending all day celebrating.

If you want a formal birthday outfit but still want to be comfortable, then check out The Stretch Suit. Stretch Suit reviews say that this is the most comfortable suit on the market.

Guys deserve to feel special on their birthdays too. With a great birthday outfit for men, you’ll feel like a star!

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