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Everyone wants to look distinctively “butiful” but dressing oneself up with cosmetics could be of little effect – that is, unless you spend a truckload of cash. It often comes to hairstyles that set you apart from the mass, and that’s where wigs come in! And not just any wigs, but up-to-the-minute stylish, high-quality, versatile wigs- like the ones delicately manufactured by Luvme Hair, a leading wig brand in North America. Wigs have been around for centuries, used by both posh men and women to either cover up their undesirable features or just to try out new looks. Today, they’ve become the winning point, the nuanced advantage, and the very specialized “weapon” for you to stand out with chicness and flair. This article will guide you through different types of wigs, their price ranges, and explore why they are so popular that you must give them a go!

How Many Types of Wigs Are There?

Innately, one could think of wigs that are made from real human hair. Compared to synthetic wigs that are made from artificial fibers, real human hair wigs are more expensive, they offer a more natural look and can come in various colors and styles! Wigs come in a variety of textures. Headband wigs and V/U part wigs are beginner-friendly, meaning they are easier to install and only require minimum maintenance. Glueless lace wigs refer to wigs that can be installed without the use of glue or adhesives. Bob wigs can bring out the career-focusing, charismatic, and dashing you, whilst undetectable lace wigs can help you exude your true glam with their airy, full, and super realistic look. You may want different wigs for different life moments and even seasons. You wanna display your professionalism with a spirit-lifting short hair bob wig, but in formal events- such as weddings, ceremonies, and red carpets- a frontal lace wig might be more suitable for its fuller and more glorious vibes. In the summer, it’s important to choose a wig that is carefree and low maintenance: curly wigs, bob wigs, and other bouncy and throw-on-and-go wigs. Dates, on the other hand, are a great chance to show your true self, so you are free to choose any style you’d like your partner to adore.

How Much Do Wigs Cost?

Prices of wigs vary according to numerous factors: length, styles, qualities, and textures- they all play a role. In general, prices of synthetic wigs are quite low, given their inferior qualities. The price of a real human hair wig can start from $100 and goes as high as $1,000, depending on its quality and style. For example, a low maintenance pre-bleached pre-plucked easy-to-use classic bob wig can be between around $80 to $300. It goes without saying that the more you invest in a wig, the more “buty” and exquisiteness you will get. In today’s e-commerce world, you can easily get a real human hair wig that is high quality, in-style, and comfy to wear.

A Big Boost for Your Overall Charm?

So, why are wigs so popular? For some, wigs present a convenient way for them to try another style without damaging their own hair or making a semi-permanent commitment. Others are following the trends set by celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, etc. People suffering from hair loss also yearn for the chance to restore their confidence or just to feel good about themselves again. That and the considerate, heart-warming, and always-ready-to-listen-&-help e-commerce customer service - are the very reasons why wigs are so popular among online shoppers now, especially if they buy wigs from a brand that has a vivid personality they can resonate with. Boosting your overall charm has never been so easy with wigs, so are you ready for your first wig now?

Time to Get Your First Wig

Are you intrigued by the pizzazz and glam that your deary celebrity possesses? Or are you trying to coat an unfavorable feature or two? Get your first wig now! Experience the abundant styles, superior shopping experience & intensive customer services from Luvme Hair, one of today’s major e-commerce wig brands! It's time to feel the coziness and the boost of confidence like never before! Beauty can be simple! (If you just know where to put it on!)

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