Your Guide to Rocking a Chiffon Dress

Your Guide to Rocking a Chiffon Dress
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One big trend that is taking the world of fashion by storm is the return of dresses. After years of athleisure (and enforced casual fashion due to quarantine), people are ready to look and feel good with romantic, fancy silhouettes that make everyone feel like the life of the party.

One of the styles experiencing a revival right now is the chiffon dress. This flowing, romantic silhouette is perfect for spring and summer thanks to the lightweight fabric, and you can easily dress it up or down.

Here is your guide to the chiffon dress and navigating reviews of fashion shops to find the best brands for this trend.

What Is a Chiffon Dress?

A chiffon dress is any dress made of chiffon, a special type of fabric. Chiffon fabric is a lightweight, sheer, slightly shiny fabric that is usually layered to make a flowing, romantic silhouette. For years, chiffon was made of a silk base, but many modern dresses use nylon or polyester threads.

The general silhouette of a chiffon dress, whether it’s a chiffon maxi dress, chiffon mini dress, or chiffon midi dress, is flowing and loose. The purpose of this style is to help you feel beautiful while still giving you enough space to feel comfortable and move.

For years, chiffon dresses were popular primarily as prom wear. Many a girl wore a long chiffon dress with a sparkly overlay to feel like a princess. However, chiffon dresses are now popular for more casual occasions as well. More subdued colors, fitted skirts, and matte fabric help tone this silhouette down.

Social media has helped the chiffon dress come back in style, just like the other TikTok darling, the crochet dress. The strawberry dress trend of 2020 was an example of a chiffon dress gone viral.

How to Style a Chiffon Dress

Here are some ideas for how to incorporate a chiffon dress into your wardrobe. For more ideas, check out online shop reviews—often customers post outfit ideas along with reviewing the pieces that they bought.

A white chiffon dress is one of the most popular styles for this romantic look. Make the dress more casual by pairing it with white sneakers, a fitted jacket, and sunglasses. Or, go the formal route and wear heeled sandals.

A pink chiffon dress is usually worn for formal occasions. Play up the flirty, feminin appeal of this dress with some heels and sparkly jewelry.

For a more dramatic take on this trend, get a black chiffon dress. A black chiffon long sleeve dress with some combat boots or heeled booties, textured tights, and a dark lip will help you channel your favorite vampire queen.

If you’re looking for a dress to wear on an evening out, a chiffon maxi dress in a bright color is a great way to stand out. Choose a red chiffon dress and pair with simple, understated accessories to ensure all eyes are on you.

Another option for evening wear is a blue chiffon dress. Classic light blue chiffon is a great choice for a formal occasion, whether it’s your prom or you’re picking out bridesmaid dresses.

Depending on the color, fabric, and length, you can wear chiffon dresses in formal and casual settings. These style ideas can hopefully give you inspiration for incorporating chiffon dresses into your outfit.

Where to Buy Chiffon Dresses

Now that you know why chiffon dresses are the hit item this season, you must be wondering where you can get your hands on one. Not to worry, we have a guide to some of the best places to get your dresses. These are just our favorites, but are by no means the only place to get a chiffon dress. For more ideas, check out online shop reviews.

Petal & Pup

Petal & Pup is an Australian retailer famous for its ultra-feminine, youthful silhouettes. They have an incredible selection of chiffon dresses, including demure, long-sleeved, floral numbers perfect for the office, and brightly colored gowns perfect for a night out.


Roaman’s is one of the best sites to look for a plus size chiffon dress. This website is dedicated to plus-size fashion and carrying the latest styles in larger sizes so that all women can feel beautiful. They have a great selection of patterned midi and maxi chiffon dresses that look great for a dinner out.

Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure is another shop that focuses on size-inclusive fashion, catering to plus-size women. The store is famous for its selection of dresses, including chiffon dresses.

The Final Word on Chiffon Dresses

Feel like a princess while just going about your daily life with the stylish chiffon dress. Now that you know where to buy one and how to style it, what’s stopping you?

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