Your Guide to the Crochet Dress

Your Guide to the Crochet Dress
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Fiber arts are experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Whether it’s just the cyclical nature of trends or because everyone took up knitting or crocheting in quarantine, crafting (or looking as if you’ve been crafting) is the latest “it” thing.

Seemingly-handcrafted details are also making their way onto dresses, whether in the form of lace details or on the dress as a whole. One of the hottest pieces in this handcrafted trend is the crochet dress.

Simultaneously curve-hugging and forgiving, the crochet dress is the season's must-have item. Here is your guide to navigating fashion webshops and finding the right one.

What Is a Crochet Dress?

True to its name, a crochet dress is a dress made by crocheting fiber, usually wool or acrylic yarn. Crocheting is the act of making a garment using a crochet hook to pull fibers into interwoven loops.

Long before this trend became mainstream, expert crocheters would make their dresses following patterns. There are no machines that can crochet (most mass-produced crochet dresses are just made to look as if they are crocheted), making each crochet dress feel unique.

Crochet dresses come in many styles and colors. You can find a flowing white crochet dress worn as a wedding gown or even a casual crochet pinafore dress. The uniqueness and versatility of this trend are part of why fashionistas love it so much.

How to Wear a Crochet Dress

There are as many ways to style a crochet dress as there are pieces out there.

Wear a short, skin-hugging crochet mini dress with your favorite pair of sandals and minimal accessories for an easy summer look.

Some crochet dresses come with wide knit patterns, giving you ample opportunity to layer. For example, wear a black crochet dress over a white slip for a color-contrasting outfit.

A longer crochet dress is a great choice for a semi-formal outing. Wear a blazer or nice sweater over a crochet midi dress or crochet maxi dress for a look that’s trendy yet classic.

Where to Buy Crochet Dresses

Crochet dresses have become so popular that it might be easier to list retailers that don’t sell them than ones that do. Whether you prefer to do your shopping online or in person, you’re bound to find crochet dresses.

The question is whether the dresses you find will be good or not. Many retailers are trying to capitalize on this trend without bothering to make quality clothes. Before making any purchases, check out reviews about shops to see what other customers experienced.

At the Mall or Online?

A trip to most shopping centers will land you in front of several stores selling crochet dresses. For example, a Zara crochet dress in lively patterns is taking social media by storm. Hollister is another traditional shop that has plenty of crochet dresses. However, if you want more choices in terms of styles and sizing, online shopping is the way to go. On our website, we've included a few shops that might be your perfect fit! These are Petal & Pup, Roaman's, and Fashion to Figure. Have a look at what they could offer you!

Petal & Pup

This online shop specializes in fun, youthful, and affordable fashion items, including the latest trends such as different types of dresses. Petal & Pup reviews rave about the elegance of their nude and white crochet dresses, that follow the trends while staying within the brand’s understated vibe.


For size-inclusive fashion, go to Roaman’s site immediately. Roaman’s online shopping is the best destination for a mature take on this trend, available in plus and straight sizes.

Fashion to Figure

For curve-highlighting crochet dresses that will make you feel like a goddess, head to Fashion to Figure. Fashion to Figure reviews raves about the romantic, shimmering maxi dresses that go well over a slip.

Mastering the Crochet Dress Trend

Whether it’s because of nostalgia or because the figure-hugging nature of crocheted fabric looks good on everyone, the crochet dress is here to stay. These dresses come in a variety of lengths, knit types, and colors—you just have to know where to look and which retailers are worth buying from!

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