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Reviews Cyberlink

Are you I need of software for your PC, tablet or smartphone? CyberLink provides many software tools and claims that these programs can improve your multimedia experience. But does CyberLink provide the best video editing tools? Can you take your business presentations to the next level with CyberLink’s tools? How do CyberLink’s video editing tools compare to applications like iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere? How convenient and reliable is CyberLink’s cloud service? Does CyberLink’s software only work on desktops or also on smartphones and tablets? How expensive are CyberLink’s products? Are they worth the price? Read what real customers have to say!

About CyberLink
Cyberlink is a Taiwanese software and multimedia company. The company was not founded by an entrepreneur, but by a university professor, Dr. Jau Huang, who taught at National Taiwan University. The Computer Science and Information Engineering professor lead a group of students committed to create cutting-edge and revolutionary multimedia products. 

In keeping with its academic roots, CyberLink has also frequently conducts surveys, for instance on how people use social media when they are on vacation and about internet piracy, asking questions regarding whether people admitted to illegally downloading and consuming TV shows and movies, whether they felt bad about it and if that changes when the downloading was not for commercial use. The results of these surveys have been featured in Forbes and The Sacramento Bee.

CyberLink provides many products. PowerDVD allows you to enjoy media playback on a great variety of devices in a number of different formats. If you want to use your webcam to converse with your friends, you can use YouCam. Power2Go can help you with disc burning while PowerProducer can assist you in authoring DVDs. If you need to convert your videos from one format to another, you can use MediaEspresso.

If you want to edit your photos, you can use PhotoDirector. For editing, restoring and repairing audio, you can use AudioDirector. You can edit videos and create professional video content using PowerDirector, which also supports 360-degree videos. Color grading can be done using ColorDirector. If you want access to all of these applications, you can get Director Suite which combines the features of PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, AudioDirector and ColorDirector. CyberLink Media Suite combines PhotoDirector, PowerDirector, Power2Go and MediaEspresso.

These technologies are not only available on PC, but also on Android and iOS. Mobile applications are available for PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, ActionDirector (for videos filmed with action acmeras), YouCam, YouCam Snap (scan and note capturing), Power Media Player, PowerDVD Remote (remote control app), YouNote, AudioClipper (for recording audio), ImageChef (making collages and animations) and U Messenger (photo and text messenger). 

A tutorial for getting started with CyberLink. Are CyberLink's products straightforward and easy to use, or dense and unneccessarily complicated?

Comments, concerns and complaints
You can use the knolwedge base, members forum and FAQ on CyberLink’s help desk when you face problems when using CyberLink’s software. Otherwise, you can e-mail CyberLink or call customer service. You do need a CyberLink membership account before you can call the support center.

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