Practical & Stylish Guide to Finding the Right Fanny Pack

Practical & Stylish Guide to Finding the Right Fanny Pack
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Forget the old jokes about clueless tourists and middle-aged moms (not that there’s anything wrong with those groups of people). Fanny packs are officially back in style. You may have seen them on style blogs, galleries of festival outfits, and even on high fashion runways, where many designers took inspiration from what was once a cringe fashion item.

Fanny packs are becoming a staple of street fashion. Hip young fashion icons pair a fanny pack slung across the chest with tracksuits, baggy pants, and bold prints. Even if you’re not feeling up to transitioning your whole outfit into hypebeast style, the best fanny pack can help give your outfit some edge.

Fanny packs are not just stylish, they are also practical (which is why some people never gave them up despite the dictates of fashion). A fanny pack allows you to store your valuables safely, without carrying around a bulky tote or leaving yourself vulnerable to pickpockets. That’s why fanny packs are popular among athletes, outdoorsmen, and festival goers.

A fanny pack is a valuable investment into your style. Before you buy one, check out the best reviews at US-Reviews.

What’s In This Blog?

The fanny packs of today have come a long way from the frumpy canvas bags sold to nervous tourists. There’s plenty of choice, but that also means that decisions are hard. Luckily, our guide and our resources collecting the best webshops can help.

Here is what to expect from this blog.

What Is the Difference Between a Fanny Pack and a Belt Bag? Types of Fanny Packs

- Designer Fanny Packs

- Prada

- Michael Kors

- Gucci

- Louis Vuitton

- Nike

- Adidas

- Crossbody Fanny Packs

- Tactical Fanny Packs

- Fanny Packs for Active Wear

What is the Difference Between a Fanny Pack and a Belt Bag?

Fanny packs and belt bags refer to the same thing. A belt bag is the more official name for this type of bag (designers prefer it because it has a classier connotation).

Other slang terms for this accessory include a waist wallet, belly bag, chaos pouch, moon bag, and hip sack. In the United Kingdom and Australia, people call them bum bags as fanny has a rude connotation.

Types of Fanny Packs

There are fanny packs out there for many different occasions, from a stylish walk on the main drag to a trip to a festival (with accompanying restrictions) to outdoor activities.

This guide can help you find the right fanny pack for you and find the best fashion shops to get your new accessory delivered right to your door.

Designer Fanny Packs

The days when no stylish person would touch a fanny pack with a ten-foot pole are long gone. Even high fashion designers famous for their ethereal runway collections are incorporating this most mundane accessory into their designs.

Here are some designers that have expanded their lines to include fanny packs. You can get a designer fanny pack for women and for men as a unique gift for the fashionista in your life (or for yourself).


Prada is one of the most iconic names in high fashion. For over a century, this fashion house has been famous for elegant Italian designs, particularly when it comes to accessories such as leather handbags and belts.

If Prada is adding fanny packs to its iconic line of handbags, then that means that this style is here to stay. The Prada fanny pack combines the brand’s trademark nylon, retro logo, and quality stitching with the modern design. This fanny pack routinely makes it onto best fanny pack lists put together by fashion writers.

Michael Kors

If you’re looking for a name-brand designer fanny pack that won’t break the bank, then Michael Kors is one of the best brands to buy from. Michael Kors is an American designer popular for his handbags in particular.

The iconic “MK” logo graces the Michael Kors fanny pack, which come in several different models and styles with options for the different genders. If you’re looking for a fanny pack for men that is stylish without being too in-your-face, Michael Kors is a great designer to try.


Gucci is another icon of Italian luxury fashion that is branching out into fanny packs. The Italian brand launched several fanny packs as part of its line of accessories in the early 2020s. The selection includes belt bags made of leather for men and women.

However, if you want true retro style, your best choice is the Ophidia Gucci fanny pack, which uses the brand’s iconic fabric that characterized its 1990s designs.

Louis Vuitton

For decades, the “LV” monogram was a sign of good taste (and expensive means). Available on everything from totes to suitcases, now you can even get your own Louis Vuitton fanny pack with the brand’s trademark brown and tan fabric. For more modern tastes, the company makes a sleek black fanny pack with a golden monogram.

If you want a designer fanny pack that shows off your good taste, then Louis Vuitton is one of the best brands to look at.


All of the brands mentioned above make great accessories, but what about when you need a bag that combines practicality with style? You can’t exactly go jogging with a thousand dollar Prada bag strapped around your waist.

For athletes that also care about their style, the Nike fanny pack is the best choice. The brand makes a range of packs in different colors and styles, all with the sleek, iconic swoosh at the front. Whether you want a pack that will carry your phone on a long run or are just looking for an upscale casual bag, this is the fanny pack for you.


Adidas is another good choice for fanny packs that are practical but still have the sleekness of high-end design. This top athletic brand makes waist bags for women and men that have the iconic logo and brand name on the front. An Adidas fanny pack is a great choice if you are active or just looking for something to complete your streetwear outfit.

Adidas also makes clear fanny packs that are great for going to festivals (for reviews of the best clear fanny pack, go here).

Crossbody Fanny Packs

Most fanny packs have a short belt and clasp made to go around the waist. However, many fashion bloggers and street style icons have taken to wearing fanny packs across their chest to switch up the way these bags look.

A crossbody fanny pack is the same as a regular fanny pack, but some companies adjust their crossbody models slightly, for example by making the straps longer. Because crossbody fanny packs tend to have more give in the strap, they are a great choice if you are looking for a more versatile bag or a plus size fanny pack.

Tactical Fanny Packs

The fashion world may have turned its nose up at fanny packs for the past few decades, but in the tactical world they’ve never gone out of style. Soldiers, sports shooters, and other lovers of tactical gear love a tactical fanny pack thanks to its practicality.

These packs usually come with many different pockets to store various items and adjustable straps that you can wear as a fanny pack, cross-body bag, and more. Usually, tactical bags are a military green or even camo, making them the perfect hunting fanny pack.

Fanny Packs for Active Wear

Fanny packs are a great choice for when you need to take your stuff on an active adventure, such as hiking or fishing. You can even get a kids fanny pack and bring your child along on your adventures.

Choosing a fanny pack for outdoor adventures is different than choosing one just for style. You need to make sure that it is made of a durable material such as nylon that can hold up to harsh weather conditions.

While you can choose a sleek and stylish fanny pack, if you’re planning on using it for more intense activities than walking down the street, make sure it is big enough to hold necessities such as a water bottle.

Finally, think about the activities you will be doing when shopping for a fanny pack. If you’re planning on going to the beach, fishing, or hiking through rainy terrain, choose a waterproof fanny pack to protect your belongings.

Choosing the Best Fanny Pack

Modern shoppers have an amazing range of fanny packs to choose from. When picking the bag for you, think about the purpose behind buying the bag, the fit that you want, and your favorite designers as many high-end brands have branched out into making fanny packs.

Before buying a fanny pack, be sure to check out consumer experiences on US-Reviews to find out if it is right for you.

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