The Best Fanny Pack for Men

The Best Fanny Pack for Men
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Real men carry bags—including cross-body bags and fanny packs. From famous rappers to athletes to regular street style icons, men all over have taken to carrying the humble fanny pack.

A fanny pack for men has many benefits. It is a practical way to carry your wallet, keys, and other valuables without worrying about them falling out of your pockets. Fanny packs are particularly popular during active outings, from going hiking to going to a festival, thanks to their practicality.

Fanny packs are also stylish, particularly within the street style subculture. Popularized by rappers and “hypebeast” brands such as Supreme, fanny packs are now essential for many men who consider themselves fashion-forward.

If it’s time for you to invest in a fanny pack of your own, here is a guide on finding the best men’s belt bag or fanny pack. Before making any hasty purchases, be sure to check out other customers’ experiences with fashion shops.

Designer Fanny Packs

Fanny packs have become so popular that even high-end designers are adding them to their collections. You can get fanny packs from top-notch athletic brands such as Nike or even luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton.

There are a few benefits to investing in a designer fanny pack for men. One is style: unlike the bulky canvas fanny packs your dad may have worn while traveling, designers are putting together sleek bags with many of their trademark designs such as logos and monograms.

The other is quality. High-end brands care about the products they put into the world and use the best fabric and stitching.

Dolce & Gabbana is one such high-end designer that is branching out into fanny packs. Their line includes a leather fanny pack for men that has the brand’s trademark “DG” logo on a sleek black background. Check out Dolce & Gabbana reviews here.

Many of these designers make a similar fanny pack for women, so you can get matching his & hers bags for when you go to festivals or other outings.

Indie Designers

While name brands have a certain attraction (and carry importance in the street style subculture), sometimes you don’t want to wear the same bag as other people. Or, you are not enamored with the world of high fashion and want to look for more sustainable brands that also give back.

One such indie designer is STATE. This Brooklyn-based brand makes a variety of bags, including fanny packs. For each bag sold, they give a backpack full of supplies to an American child in need. According to reviews, STATE is a very reputable brand to buy from.

Practical Fanny Packs

While stylish fanny packs are a great addition to your outfit, they are not great to take on a hike or hiking outing. Luckily, you can get a fanny pack, men’s and women’s, that is practical. From tactical fanny packs for hunting to waterproof packs for fishing, athletic retailers have the bag for you.

One brand that makes practical bags, including fanny packs, is Vibedration. Vibedration’s sleek hydration fanny pack helps you stay hydrated, whether you’re on a hiking trail or festival ground, without weighing you down too much.

The Best Fanny Pack for Men

Whether you are looking for a stylish bag to take with you on your travels or a practical pack for your hiking adventures, a fanny pack is your answer to figuring out how to store your valuables without weighing yourself down too much. You can even find fanny packs that give back by seeking out brands that have a social component to their mission.

Before buying anything online, be sure to check out shopping website reviews. Reviews can give you a sense of a company’s reputability, quality, and even delivery speed.

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