Five best modern browser gaming options 

Five best modern browser gaming options 
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When Adobe announced that on December 31st, 2020 they would no longer update Flash, many thought the death of browser games was going to follow soon. Flash had been essential in the creation and development of Flash games for 25 years.

In reality, the death of Flash freed browser games from software that was dated and unable to cope with what young developers were trying to do. HTML5, the markup language that has become the backbone of modern browser games, filled the gap left by Flash and went beyond it.

Browser games are just as popular as they have ever been. Players love the convenience and simplicity they offer — no downloads, no complicated play, no waiting years for a release only to have the game be too buggy to play (we’re looking at you Cyberpunk). And they are usually free!

Browser games have come a long way since the early days of basic tower defense and text-based games. With some clever plug-ins, you can still play your favorite old Flash games. Here are five of the best places to find browser games and the games themselves that we think more than deserve a play or two.

Casino games

When most people think of browser games, they don’t immediately consider casino games. The first that usually come to mind are the simple Flash-style games that have been popular since browser games were initially developed.

However, casino games are actually one of the biggest trends in browser gaming - online casinos have rapidly taken over a significant segment of the gambling market. While many people play on dedicated apps on the go, lots of people also prefer to play versions they don’t have to download.

Looking through a list of the top slots in 2022 gives you some idea of how many different kinds of slots games there are. With thousands of different games available, it’s really straightforward to find the perfect slot for you.

By playing on casino sites instead of downloading their apps, you’re free to play at as many different online casinos as you want, giving you access to thousands of games - without having to worry about how much space they’re all taking up on your phone or computer.

Amazon Luna

It would be hard to find anyone in the United States who isn’t familiar with Amazon. The small online bookseller has rapidly grown and mutated into the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon has now also developed a series of other services.

Amazon Prime is their streaming service and Audible is their audiobook wing. The Amazon Alexa is their AI assistant that is now in millions of homes around the world. Less well-known is one of their newest ventures: Amazon Luna.

Amazon Luna is a gaming subscription service. It provides users with access to a library of games and is designed to be a competitor for cloud gaming services such as PlayStation Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia and GeForce Now.

Luna is currently only available to US residents, but even in its early stages it looks like it’s going to be a major player in the world of browser games. Many games are free with a Prime subscription, or you can subscribe to different game ‘channels’ for a more customized playing experience.

.io games

No domain is more synonymous with browser gaming today than .io. By using .io, game developers make their games easier to find and alert players that they are hip to the newest in tech and web developments.

Two of the most popular .io games are Slither and Agar. Slither takes the basic format of the classic game Snake and adds a multiplayer element. It becomes a sort of hybrid between Pac-Man and Snake and is incredibly fun. Agar is similar but instead of snake you play as a hungry amoeba.

Many .io games are idle games, which is great for players who just need something to fill a minute or two of downtime throughout the day. Games such as Cookie Clicker let you click mindlessly for extra rewards and upgrades and work away in the background while you’re busy.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is one of the hottest browser games available at the moment. It has become so popular in the three months since its release in late December 2021 that alongside the free browser version there is also a version on Steam that you can purchase.

This browser game is a shoot ‘em up RPG where you battle waves of monsters in order to level up, unlock new characters and upgrade your weapons. Despite, or perhaps because of, its relative simplicity, the game encourages creative play and strategizing.

If you love vampires, you might want to look elsewhere however. While there are plenty of bats, there are no vampires in the game!

Catan Universe

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that spending time with friends and family is essential, and if we can’t do that in person, a digital version is the next best thing. Words with Friends was one of the more popular digital versions of a board game, but there’s a new favorite on the horizon.

Even casual board game players have to recognize Catan — the classic settlement building game that has sold more than 32 million copies since its release in 1995. Catan Universe takes the beloved game and moves it online so you can play with friends around the world.

You can play against the AI, with other players assigned by skill level, or with friends and family. Discord or other chat apps allow you to talk as you play, just like on a normal game night. Like many of the other games listed here, there is also a downloadable version and expansions can be purchased.

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