Ultimate Fresh Spring Hues to Consider This Season

Ultimate Fresh Spring Hues to Consider This Season
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Winter is over, and we have marched into Spring. This progress comes with many warm changes. The thermostat gets new instructions, and the wardrobe gets an overhaul — if not, a new pecking order. The black hoodies lose their street cred, and the sweaters go hibernating.

People say Spring is an awkward season. Sandwiched between the harsh cold of the winter and the summer's fury, it gives off laid-back vibes. Disregard that. Spring presents an excellent backdrop for you to dazzle. From knee-length coats, tees, denim, blazers, gowns, and skirts, you have all the apparel needed to slay this Spring.

But it's not just about apparel. It doesn't take a fashionista to know that colors matter. Are you wearing the color for the season? Thankfully, you don't need to be a celebrity to read this article.

The premium clothing brand Gentle Herd compiled six exceptional color choices that will usher you into the season with a spring in your walk.

1. Teal

We start with teal because it is a color that scores well on everybody's card. Statistics show that the favorite colors of Americans are blue and green, and teal is greenish blue. So, if you are dressing to impress, teal will make that a lot easier because it's a fan favorite.

The color often evokes a sense of calm and positivity. It is harmonious with Spring, too, although not as strong as it is with other seasons. Depending on the spring season, you can try out various shades of teal. Bright teal in bright Spring, light or dark teal in warm Spring, or other shades like pastel blue-green. Another plus is that teal goes well with different colors. So, you can rock that teal jacket on denim or black pants.

Alternative Color

You can also try turquoise. Turquoise, like teal, is another blue-green classic. Only paler. But it can surprisingly add some cheer to your wardrobe.

2. Neon green

When we think of neon, we envision bright billboards. Spring is a transition from the frostiness of winter to summer. In Spring, flowers sprout from the ground, and the landscape takes on a greenish outlook. Think of neon green as an enhanced representation of green. Bright, colorful, and bursting with an air of positivity, this color is a naturalist stamp, and it blends nicely with the refreshing mood of Spring. In essence, wearing neon green is like wearing Spring boldly. To add pop to this look, wear it with a pink or an orange.

Alternative Color

Don't want to be too loud? You can wear Biscay green as an alternative. It still has the refreshing allure of green, but it is calmer. Pantone describes this color: aqua shade connected to cleansing water. Whether neon green or Biscay green, get reborn this Spring.

3. Scarlet red

Most winter clothes are black — understandably. Black clothing generates heat. The fact that winter is over doesn't mean you can bring some fire to Spring.

Looking to bring some heat in your wardrobe? Scarlet red is a perfect choice because red is the color of warmth. This hue expresses passion, vivacity, joy, and heat. Nothing screams Spring louder than blooming flowers, and scarlet red will make you a stand-out. Like the teal, you can wear scarlet red with nearly any color.

Alternative Color

A similar hue is the orange peel. This is a loud orange amplified by a reddish tint. It is full, fiery, and it isn't easy to look sweeter than that—no better time for dinner dates than Spring. Consider an orange peel gown.

4. Sunlight

Not everybody wants something that pops or wants to be a red carpet icon. Say you want a stylish yet laid-back hue, want to blend into the gentle warmth of the Spring, then you should consider sunlight. It's a light yellow — almost creamy. but brighter. This hue will especially suit you if you have a warm skin tone.

Alternative Color

Saffron Yellow is similar, but with a louder yell. Fun fact: yellow is the most noticeable color. Although yellow has good vibes, one shouldn't wear all-yellow as it tends to be cloying. Go for color variance. You can also amp your style by wearing springy textures — a saffron yellow crochet and denim is a banger.

5. Navy

Unlike the rest, this is not a bright hue. It is dark, and possibly, inspires memories of winter. Think of navy as dark blue because that is what it is. Remember the thing about blue, one of the most loved colors? Keep that in mind. While adjusting your wardrobes post-winter, removing all your dark-hued clothes may be difficult. Navy is a year-round favorite and can serve as an excellent alternative for gray or black. Try navy with brighter colors to get the most out of this color. Navy blue and white, for example, create an appealing contrast. You can try a navy maxi and brown bag or navy dress with yellow heels. A navy blue and red combo is very American for obvious reasons. (Hello, Captain America). You needn't dress like an action superhero unless you are attending Comic-Con — try a red coat over a navy set. An unlined navy cotton blazer gives off an effortless silhouette.

6. Peach

No other adjective perfectly conveys the color of peach other than pleasant. Little wonder it is a Spring season (and wedding) favorite. Peach exudes femininity, so you should try it if you are looking to channel the girl in you. The soft hue goes well with a wide range of palates. You can combine it with pink and mint or darker shades like navy and burgundy. It especially favors dark skin tones like olive or various shades of brown. Don't limit yourself to dresses, cashmere pants, and gowns, though — a peach Jean or jacket hits just as hard.

Spring is a break away from the dreariness of winter. Prevailing moods this season are those of vitality, rebirth, refreshment, and warmth. Your clothing choices should reflect these changes. The fresh spring hues here will ensure that you keep up with the trends and the season. If you have a passion for sustainable fabric and high-quality garments you could also visit Gentle Herd’s website by clicking one of the two links present in this article.

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