Home Theater Concession Stand Setup Guide

Home Theater Concession Stand Setup Guide
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Setting up your own movie concession stand (and party!) is a great way to spend time with friends for the night and finish off a fun year in style.

How did the Home Theater Concession Stand become so popular?

As the Great Depression began to tighten its grip on America, theater owners knew they had to do something to attract customers.

Theaters had increased admission prices, but even that was not enough to keep them profitable. Many closed down or merged with other theaters in order to cut expenses.

Concession stands were a luxury theater owners could not afford; however, moviegoers were hankering for some munchies while they watched films.

Theater owners took note of this and decided they would open concession stands in their theaters. This move proved to be a success and food sales became a staple in movie theaters.

There are two different models for home theater snack display:

- permanent, built-in concession stands

- portable concession stands.

The former is more common in Europe and the latter in America, though some theaters have both.

Modern concession stands range from very simple counter/booth setups to elaborate stand-alone kiosks with a full range of food and beverage items. To get the best concession stand for your home theater, you can go through numerous shopping reviews in the USA.

Maybe you’ve thought about setting up your own home theater lately,, but you’re not exactly sure where to start. No need to worry, though – we can help!

Who would like to watch a movie without popcorn?

No one likes to watch a movie on an empty stomach, but most people don't want to spend the whole time figuring out what to eat.

Concession stands in home theaters are common, but they are just as common for other entertainment venues, such as stadiums and concert halls, because these businesses know that hungry customers tend to spend more money.

The food items sold at a home theater snack bar reflect local culture, sporting and entertainment venues. Stands at ballparks, for example, sell traditional ballpark fare such as hot dogs, nachos, and peanuts, while concert arenas offer items such as sushi and burritos.

Food and Beverages to add to your Concession Stands In Home Theaters

Food at the concession stands is often served in disposable containers or wrapping. Some stand vendors sell grilled versions of the menu items.

Home theater concession stands prices and selection change frequently, but movie theaters usually offer popcorn, candy, soft drinks, hot dogs, nachos with cheese sauce, and other snack-type foods.

The most common drink is Coca-Cola and other carbonated beverages similar to what is served at sporting events.

Some theaters also sell "concession combo" deals, which include a large popcorn plus large drink and either a small bag of candy or a small box of popcorn; some include small packs of M&Ms or Skittles as well.

Many theaters provide tables and seating to enable patrons to stay and eat in the stands. If you dont have the perfect seating, just go through reviews about 4seating to get the best seating for your home theater. In some cases, even people who have just left the game re-enter using their ticket stubs after buying food from the concession stands.

Some of the things that you will need for your small home theater snack bar should be basic household items, others might have to be purchased.

5 things that you’ll need in order to make your own Home Theater Concession Stand

1. Table Space:

You’re probably going to need a tablespace of some kind—even if it’s just a folding table or a regular one—where your concession stand can be set up and people can scoop up all sorts of goodies. This table space can also be used to set up the stereo and electronics. Reviews about world wide stereo and electronic review sites are the best choice to go through before making such purchases.

2. Processing Items:

This can include popcorn boxes, concession cups, cone dishes and individual plastic bags, napkins, and spoons. If you want to offer anything with a lot of toppings, this is where you’d purchase all those little candy pieces (like M&Ms) or other edible toppings.

3. Lighter Snacks:

Don’t forget some light snacks to nibble on while watching your movie! Things like popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs, nachos, and more would go great in an individual snack pack (just like you would find at the theater).

4. Something Sweet & Cold:

Most of the things you need for your concession stand should be able to be collected from local stores, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and have some fun with it.

As long as you have some space, good home theater curtains, and a bunch of things to sell(or maybe to enjoy while in your home theater), you should be able to make your own concession stand.

Final thoughts

Whether this is a serious business or just something to do with your buddies, the benefits of hosting your own event at home (or anywhere) with food, drinks, and entertainment are numerous.

Now that you’ve read up on these home theater concession stand ideas, all that’s left to do is go to US-Reviews and find the best concession stand for you!

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