The Best Kids Fanny Pack for Pint-Sized Fashionistas

The Best Kids Fanny Pack for Pint-Sized Fashionistas
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Fanny packs have already taken the world of adults by storm, with everyone from hunters enamored with tactical gear to style icons such as Kendall Jenner wearing them. However, what about our pint-sized fashionistas and adventurers?

Many kids are getting interested in fashion at an earlier age or may want to imitate their parents who are wearing a fanny pack. Getting a kids fanny pack for your child is also practical because it is an easy way to help older kids get used to carrying their own stuff on excursions, such as flights and hikes, without putting too much weight on them.

Here are some tips for buying a fanny pack for kids.

Practical Fanny Pack Kids

One of the benefits of a fanny pack for kids and adults is its practicality. A fanny pack is a great way to keep important valuables accessible without weighing yourself down with heavy bags. Giving kids their own bag on trips gives them a sense of agency because they can decide what they want to pack (and a fanny pack is small enough that you won’t wind up carrying it yourself as you might with a backpack).

When choosing the right fanny pack for your kid, think about what you are planning to use the bag for. If you are going on a flight, then you can get a fun bag that doesn’t have to be very heavy-duty (for example, get a colorful bag with a superhero as a great kids fanny pack, boy edition).

If you are going on a more intense adventure, such as hiking, then vet the bag in advance. Read clothing shop reviews to see if the fabric is durable and if the bag holds up to hiking as nothing is more disappointing than having to chase a toy that fell out on the mountain. For hiking fanny packs for kids, you don’t have to worry about style too much (however, if you want a stylish and practical belt bag for yourself, Longchamp reviews are pretty positive).

Another practical thing to consider is the right stadium gear. Many stadiums only allow clear bags, so if you are taking your kid to the big game, a clear fanny pack is the way to go. Plus, kids will get a kick out of the funky clear plastic and being able to see their stuff.

Stylish Kids Fanny Packs

Fanny packs for kids don’t have to be practical and garish. If you have a small fashionista, get a sleek, elegant bag that will help your little stylist feel all grown up.

Many designers are seeing the value in making clothing and accessories just for kids. For example, the Italian luxury brand Gucci makes bags for kids as well. The Gucci kids fanny pack is bright and colorful, age-appropriate but still has the brand’s trademark liveliness. Look for a kids Gucci fanny pack and other discounted designer goods on Bibloo, a site selling designer clothing for less.

If a Gucci fanny pack kids-edition is not in your clothing budget, you can still find quality accessories for your style-obsessed child. According to reviews, Mlouye is a handbag company that has a line just for kids. Mlouye is a smaller brand that makes innovative, elegant handbags. You can get their elegant, stylish bags and have a mommy-and-me outfit with your child. Their colorful bags will be a hit with kids.

Whether you are looking for a practical bag to help your kid learn independence on your next family adventure or a stylish bag to help them express their sense of fashion, you can’t go wrong with a kids fanny pack!

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