Bad glasses can still hurt your vision. But where can you find the best glasses and lenses? One shop that offers glasses or LEOTONY. But what quality glasses does this shop provide? Will their glasses really help you to see the world more clearly? Will their sunglasses really protect your eyes from the sun? Will they really know what you need? Will it take long for LEOTONY and their delivery service to create and send you your new pair of glasses? And will LEOTONY’s customer service respond well to your complaints, problems and other things that you need their help with? The only people that can really inform you on these matters are the customers that have shopped at LEOTONY before you. Read their reviews to investigate if LEOTONY might be able to help you out. Their comments, opinions, ratings and experiences can help you to decide if LEOTONY is the kind of glasses supplier that you might want to visit.


LEOTONY is a shop that provided glasses. The company was founded in 2016. Their home base can be found in Seattle, Washington. Their mission is to make you “appreciate the beauty of the world". They claim to know what you need. According to their website, people often experience discomfort caused by your glasses. And it’s not always easy to get adapted to a new pair of glasses. This discomfort is caused by glasses that are not a real match for what your prescription calls for. Therefore, LEOTONY has a Ophthalmologist examine your vision and oversee your prescription. In their shop, you can find glasses for men and women. You can choose from a wide variety of rims. There are full rim, half rim and rimless glasses. And you can choose a square, round or rectangular shape. Their lenses will come with anti-reflection, anti-scratch and anti-blue-ray. The shop also provides a range of sunglasses that can shelter your eyes from harmful UV rays. And there is a range of RX sunglasses for men and women.

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The sunglasses from LEOTONY can be ordered online. Just select the rim that you want and put it in your digital shopping bag. There is a LEOTONY available to send the glasses or sunglasses right to your home as soon as they can. They also have a LEOTONY customer service department to help you out when you ask for assistance. And, of course, you can ask advice from one of their Ophthalmologists.

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Do you already see the world through a pair of (sun)glasses from LEOTONY? Whether you wear them every day or just when you need to see something more clearly, we want to hear more about your experience with this shop. How easy was it to order glasses via their website? Are their sunglasses really helpful when you step outside on a sunny day? Did they offer you the right prescription? Did it take long for LEOTONY’s delivery service to send the round or rectangular glasses to your home? And how helpful is LEOTONY’s customer service department? Please write your own review and share with us your LEOTONY story.

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