Be the Life of the Party With a Money Gun

Be the Life of the Party With a Money Gun
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Everybody knows that people love free stuff. Whether they’re T-shirts at ball games, raffle prizes at a company get-together, or even Easter eggs at a kid’s birthday, the best way to get people playing a game is to promise them something free at the end.

However, no prize can compete with free money, especially when it’s distributed in such a fun way as a money gun. Although it is often classified as a toy gun, this tool is often more fun for adults.

Here is everything you need to know about money guns, including the best adult and kids’ shops where you can find one.

What Is a Money Gun?

A money-throwing gun is simply a gun that projects cash into a crowd. The principle is similar to a T-shirt cannon that you would find at a ballgame.

The origins of this toy for adults are a bit murky. Some people trace the first money gun back to a Kickstarter launched in 2014. Others find the origin of this toy even earlier when visitors of gentlemen’s clubs started using it to tip dancers (hardly a kid-friendly origin story).

Whatever the backstory of the money gun, it skyrocketed to popularity in 2017 when the popular streetwear brand Supreme launched its Supreme money gun. The original package included Supreme-branded fake money.

Sadly, the original Supreme money gun was a limited edition accessory. However, you can find many knockoffs online—and plenty of great money-shooting guns that work the way they should without any fancy branding.

Once you’ve got your money shooter gun, there’s another dilemma—what are you going to shoot out of the gun? Luckily, many stores that sell a money gun shooter stock fake cash that fits in the slot so you don’t have to risk your own hard-earned money.

Where to Buy Money Guns

There are a few places where you can buy a gun with money now that this party favor has entered the mainstream.

Party Stores

If you prefer to shop at physical retailers, then you can buy a money gun at party supply stores such as Party City or even larger department stores such as Target. You can get all of the supplies you need to stock your party in one place, including a bubble gun if you are hosting a kid’s party.

However, brick-and-mortar stores usually have a smaller selection. If you’re looking for something specific, such as a gold money gun, you’re better off shopping online.

Official Team RAR Store

Fans of Team RAR, a group of YouTubers that includes Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, Stove Cho, Ryan Prunty, and Milli, can get their team RAR money gun. This pink money gun with the team’s logo is available on the official website and sites like Redbubble.


If you’re looking for innovative toys that will liven up a party, then Wistoyz is one of the best retailers online. Besides toys, the site has fun accessories to liven up parties such as bubble blasters and money guns.

Gel Blaster

Move over, traditional retailers, Gel Blaster is one company taking the field of toy guns by storm. Their splatter guns are one of the most requested toys. Although they haven’t expanded into money guns yet, it’s only a matter of time.

Galactic Toys and Games

Galactic Toys and Games is a retailer with one of the largest selections of toys and games for all ages. Besides models and FunkoPops, they also sell party favors such as money guns.

The money gun is what you need to liven up your next party. Buying one is easy enough, whether you go to a physical store or online, but be sure you check out shopping reviews before purchasing!

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