Your Guide to the Overall Dress

Your Guide to the Overall Dress
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Dresses are coming back in style in a big way. Retailers are packing the shelves and online catalogs with dresses in many styles and silhouettes, including many styles that have retro vibes.

Overall dresses

are one of the most popular styles right now for casual wear. These dresses have bodices designed like overall bibs, meaning there are two straps that attach over the shoulder with a buckle loop like overalls. The dresses have a fitted skirt that is usually knee-length.

Unlike other styles of dresses that you wear as a singular garment, such as a smocked dress, you usually wear overall dresses over an undershirt of some sort. That makes the dress slightly harder to style. Don’t worry, our guide will help you figure out how to add this hot style into your wardrobe!

Types of Overall Dresses You Can Get

The most common fabric for this style is a denim overall dress. You can get denim overall dresses in regular bluewash jean colors, or dyed different colors for a more quirky look. Get a black overall dress for a classic look that pairs with many different outfits. Or, stand out with a bold color such as an orange overall dress.

Denim is not the only fabric that these dresses come in. You can also get corduroy overall dresses. Corduroy is a fabric with raised lines that looks as if several cords are placed next to each other. Corduroy tends to be thick and warm, making these dresses perfect for colder weather.

Although most overall dresses are just one color, you can also get patterned dresses in this style, such as a plaid overall dress. A pattern is a great choice for a girl’s overall dress that can feel fun and sophisticated at the same time.

If you can’t decide between all these wonderful styles, check out fashion shop reviews to see the styles that made previous customers happy.

How to Style an Overall Dress

Here are a few ideas for putting together the best overall dress outfit. There is no fixed answer to what the best way to style this garment is. The outfit will depend on your personal style as well as the fabric and the color of the dress.

If you have a plain black or denim overall dress, then a great way to style this piece is with a striped top. The pattern adds a funky element to the outfit, but it doesn’t overpower the garment. Pair it with a pair of cute sneakers for an adorable yet casual look that leans heavily into the Audrey Hepburn vibes.

Styling a colorful overall dress is a bit harder because you don’t want your outfit to be too loud, but it isn’t impossible. Pair a colorful yet stately forest green overall dress with a flowy, feminine blouse. The tomboy-like cut of the overall dress balances out the ultra-feminine look of a loose peasant blouse. Just make sure that your blouse is a neutral color such as white and beige so it doesn’t clash with the color of the dress.

If you have a dress in a louder color, such as a pink overall dress, keep the top that you wear as neutral as possible. One idea is to wear a neutral sweater underneath and accessorize with chunky tights and black boots. A white sweater under a red overall dress is a gorgeous pop of color in the winter.

Where to Buy an Overall Dress

With so many retailers hoping to cash out on this trend, how do you know which ones are worth buying from? By following our recommendations of course, and by reading online shopping reviews. There are a ton of different webshops that sell dresses, such as, Shein, Forever21, H&M, COS, Chicme, Noracora and Modlily.

Chic Me is one of the greatest online retailers for affordable clothing that will actually last. They have a great selection of flirty dresses in all colors. This is a great place to get a colorful overall dress.

Noracora is another popular online shop, although its clothing is more upscale and sedated than Chic Me’s offerings. Noracora has gorgeous denim overall dresses for a very classic look and silhouette.

Finally, if you are looking for very feminine silhouettes, Modlily has you covered. Their clothing comes in very bright colors and at affordable prices. If you want to wear an overall dress without looking too tomboy-ish, check out their selection.

Stepping Into Style With the Overall Dress

The overall dress is here to stay as a year-round asset in your closet. Be sure to check out reputable reviews before shopping online!

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