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    Determined that your child will become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg? Then getting your son or daughter interested in programming from an early age is absolute necessity. And even if your child does not become a tech wizard, being able to do some basic programming is an important 21st century skill. Does Ozobot’s toy robots inspire and teach kids programming skills? Are Ozobot’s robots worth their price? Does Ozobot represent a new direction for EdTech, or just a hype? Is Ozobot portable and durable? Why should you buy your children a toy robot in the first place? What are the educational benefits of Ozobot? Read reviews to find out!

    ​About Ozobot

    Nader Hamda was committed to learning his children how to program but in a fun way that did not also increase the time his children spent in front of a computer screen. Ozobot’s toy robots can operate offline, but children are able to change the behavior of their Ozobot by writing programs on their mobile phones.

    Ozobots are equipped with cutting-edge robotics-hardware. The Bit toy robot has a main circuit board, a color sensor, a durable acetal (POM) bottom cover, a tough polycarbonate (PC) shell, twin micro-motors, a tact switch, a li-po battery, a micro USB, a micro-controller and a an optical sensor board.

    The Evo robot is a social robot that is also very tiny. It comes with different ways of programming and a social network. With Evo Skins, you can slip a “skin” onto the toy robot to get a little robot of your favorite superhero. For the Marvel Avengers skins, you can get Captain America and Iron Man skins. These Evo Skins come with light and sound effects, color commands, line following, remote control moe, USB charging, Bluetooth and app-enabled missions.

    Skins are also available for the Bit toy robot. You can get Spider-Man, Venom, Groot and Rocket skins. Regardless of whether you are more of a Spider-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy fan, you can enjoy the color code markers, DIY stickers and pop outs, and coor code markers that come with Bit Skins.


    such as color markers that can control Ozobot’s movements and construction accessory kits that you can use if you want your Ozobot to become a bulldozer or forklift are also available.


    who are considering using Ozobots in class, can get a classroom kit. These kits include

    • 18 Ozobot Bits or 12 Ozobot Evos
    • 18 DIY Bit Skins or 12 DIY Evo Skins
    • 3 Mlti-Port Bit chargers or 2 Multi-port Evo Chargerts
    • Color code markers
    • Ozocode sheets
    • Teacher’s guide
    • Tip sheet
    • Get started sheet
    • Log sheet
    • Bowling challenge or Driver’s Ed Activity
    • Certificates
    • Storage box
    • Storage bin

    You can reach out to Ozobot’s customer service to find out whether the Bit or Evo is right for you.

    ​This is part one of a tutorial on how to use the Ozobot Bit. Does this video signify that Ozobot provides great customer service by putting out tutorials like this, or that its products are so complicated that you need a tutorial to understand how to use them?

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    To connect with customer service, you can e-mail If you are an educator inquiring about using Ozobot for your STEM classes, you can e-mail

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