A Dress for All Seasons: the Pinafore Dress

A Dress for All Seasons: the Pinafore Dress
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Fashion today is seeing a resurgence in love for retro trends. From the iconic flapper-style feather dress making a comeback in evening wear to the delightfully old-fashioned pinafore dress for daytime, looking as if you raided your mother or grandmother’s closet is the new chic.

The pinafore dress is a sleeveless dress that goes over a top. The bodice can come in many different cuts. Some are just like regular sleeveless dresses, while others try to channel retro pinafore-style aprons or 90s-style bodices.

You can style this retro-inspired piece in a totally modern way, or take inspirations from the past. For ideas on how to incorporate the pinafore dress into your closet (and where to find one in the first place), keep reading!

Different Styles of Pinafore Dresses

This versatile dress can come in many different cuts, colors, and styles.

One of the most common pinafore dresses is a plaid pinafore dress. This criss-crossing pattern is popular for pinafore dresses because it recalls the cut of retro schoolgirl uniforms. If you don’t like plaid, you can also find dresses in block colors. Wear a black pinafore dress for a neutral look, or stand out with a brighter color, such as a pink pinafore dress.

Pinafore dresses also come in a variety of fabrics. Choosing the right one for you depends on the fit or season. A denim pinafore dress is perfect for all seasons, while a tweed pinafore dress is great for the winter and a light linen pinafore dress is the perfect light addition to your summer wardrobe.

If you’re not sure which type of pinafore dress you want yet, browse fashion retailers to see what they have on offer.

How to Style Pinafore Dresses

As with most other dresses, it’s easy to look beautiful in a pinafore dress. Here are some outfit ideas for inspiration!

If you’re stumped, start with your favorite sweater as a base. A cute, preppy sweater with a dress in a neutral color, such as a blue pinafore dress, over the top, is a great way to put together a stylish, neat outfit.

Instead of going down the preppy route, you can opt for a romantic-looking outfit instead. A loose white blouse under a flowing pinafore apron dress is the perfect way to channel the whimsical cottagecore trend. Add a straw summer hat for a touch of whimsy.

Because pinafore dresses are made for layering, they’re a great way to incorporate dresses into your winter wardrobe. Wear a long pinafore dress over a chunky sweater, thick tights, and ankle boots.

Where to Buy Pinafore Dresses

We’re sure that by now you’re anxious to add this must-have item to your wardrobe, but where to get it? Luckily, many retailers are hopping on this trend, so finding a pinafore dress should be easy. Finding a quality one is a bit harder. Be sure to check out what customers say about their shopping experiences before making any hasty purchases.

Lovely Wholesale

Lovely Wholesale is one of the best sites for finding the latest trends at affordable prices. Their dresses tend to be on the sultry side, making you feel like a pin-up doll. Lovely Wholesale also has a special “Curve+Plus” section where you can find your next favorite plus size pinafore dress.

DTLR Villa

DTLR Villa is your go-to site for finding affordable athletic wear, including apparel and shoes from top brands such as Nike and Adidas. DTLR Villa reviews rave about the accessible prices and fit of the clothing. The site even has a kids’ section where you can look for a girl’s pinafore dress.


When you’re looking for the right shoe to go with your pinafore dress, women, Kickscrew has you covered! This amazing site has the latest sneakers at prices that can’t be beat. Keep refreshing it to stay on top of the latest drops.

The Final Word on Pinafore Dresses

Whether you’re going for a sweet feminine linen pinafore dress over a flowy peasant blouse, or a fiercer look by pairing a crochet dress with sneakers, the pinafore dress can fit in any wardrobe or style! Be sure to check out online shopping reviews to find the top retailers.

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