The Best Plus-Size Fanny Pack Options

The Best Plus-Size Fanny Pack Options
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Belt bags, most commonly known as the humble fanny pack, are back in style in a big way. You can spot them on everyone from rappers to street style influencers to off-duty models.

However, there is a misconception that fanny packs are only an option for skinny or straight-size people. Many plus-size people, particularly women, worry about the fanny pack highlighting their insecurities. It can also be hard to find a pack that is not made for skinny bodies.

The world of fashion is big enough for everyone, particularly when you use the Internet to check out all of the options you have for shopping. There are some companies making bags just for plus-size people, and others that have bags that are easily adjustable. Here is your guide to finding and styling a plus-size fanny pack.

How to Style a Fanny Pack When You’re Plus-Size

Many plus-size people are not enamored of fanny packs because the pack sits right at your waist and highlights any extra weight you may be carrying around the middle. The straps on fanny packs are also too short for plus-size people, leading to the bag sitting awkwardly and making it hard to adjust the height at which you carry the bag.

However, you shouldn’t let fashion misconceptions stop you from following trends that interest you. Anyone can wear a fanny pack as long as you style it right. For example, pairing a simple, small fanny pack for plus size women with a flowy dress highlights your silhouette in the same way that adding a regular belt does, with the added benefit of providing a place to store your keys (for more fun, feminine ways to style a fanny pack, check out this belt bag for plus sized women article).

If you don’t want to highlight your waist, then don’t wear a fanny pack around your waist, it’s that simple! The cool kids these days are wearing their fanny packs cross-body style, particularly for festivals. Wearing the bag across your upper body draws attention away from your waist and works well with the bold silhouettes expected from street style. Check out fashion online reviews to find the best cross-body fanny packs.

Above all, the best way to style a belt bag is to make sure that you are wearing a bag that makes you feel comfortable and confident. The best fanny pack for plus size people is one that fits comfortably and that you love, so shop around until you find one that you like.

How to Make Any Bag a Plus-Size Fanny Pack

Let’s say you are shopping around and can’t find a bag in your size. This can be particularly true if you are looking for a pack with specific features, such as a waterproof fanny pack, and don’t have time to trawl the Internet for packs that will fit you. What to do?

You can make any bag fit you instead of working to fit the bag with a plus-size fanny pack extender. A fanny pack extender is an extra strap that connects to the buckles on your bag and provides more give.

If you want to shop designer but are worried about finding a bag that fits, then a fanny pack extender is your best friend. Your second best friend in shopping for a designer plus-size fanny pack is Rebag, the site where you can find pre-loved designer bags for affordable prices.

You can also turn an existing bag into a fanny pack if you’re feeling creative. Take a cross-body bag and shorten the straps until it fits around your waist (if your bag doesn’t have adjustable straps, you can knot it at the back). Voila, you have a fanny pack that fits perfectly without having to go out and buy one!

Where to Buy Plus-Size Fanny Packs

If you want to add a new bag to your wardrobe, here are some of the best places to buy a fanny pack for plus-size people. When you’re looking for plus-size fanny packs, look for shops that explicitly mention plus-size shoppers and bags that have long, adjustable straps that can help you find the right fit. Be sure to read reviews before ordering from any shop online.

Senreve is a company that makes durable, convenient bags for women that are also elegant and stylish. It’s one of the best choices if you don’t want to sacrifice practicality for style. Their belt bags have long, adjustable straps so they can work for people of different sizes. Read Senreve reviews here to see if this company is right for you.

Another company that makes delicate, feminine belt bags is Behno. Behno is also a company with a mission as it has a partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society to share their profits from a special collection. According to reviews, Behno is a company with durable products and great customer service. Customers are particularly happy with its sling bags, mini bags, and waist bags that are flirty and stylish.

Fanny packs are a great trend for everyone, not just off-duty models. Using this advice, find a plus-size fanny pack that fits you!

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