Win All Backyard Battles with a Splatter Ball Gun

Win All Backyard Battles with a Splatter Ball Gun
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There’s nothing like a little safe shooting game to get everyone’s competitive spirit going. However, it’s hard to organize a backyard game of paintball when you know that you’ll have to clean up globs of paint afterward. For alternatives like laser guns, you need a special arena—and water gun fights don’t cut it in terms of adrenaline levels anymore.

Once Nerf made the Supersoaker popular, most people thought that it would stay the be-all-end-all of the toy gun battle royale. However, there’s a new water gun in town—the splatter ball gun.

Battery-operated splatter ball guns can shoot water gels so fast that regular water guns stand no chance, without the mess of paintball guns. But what is this toy really, and where can you get it? Here is everything that you need to know.

What Is a Splatter Ball Gun?

A splatter ball gun is a battery-powered gun that shoots water gels. Water gels are bullets that are water beads in a biodegradable casing. Usually, the pellet dissolves on impact, leaving behind a watery mark.

Splatter ball guns are often battery-powered, meaning that they can shoot gel projectiles at a velocity of up to 200 fps. While this is not enough to maim someone (especially since splatter ball gun ammo dissolves on impact), it can sting!

Although you can find splatter ball guns on many kids' websites, this is not a good toy for small children. The projectiles are not deadly, but can still hurt someone if shot point-blank, especially if the shooter is aiming at the face. Save this toy as a gift for older children and be sure to instruct them thoroughly not to point the gun at sensitive areas.

However, once you’ve gone over the safety rules, a splatter balls gun is a great way to have a backyard battle royale without the mess that a paintball gun would cause. As an extra reward for the winner, why not get a money gun to spit out prizes?

What Is the Best Splatter Ball Gun?

The best splatter ball gun will depend on what you are looking for.

Are you hoping to play in your backyard for an extended session? Then get a splatter ball gun magazine that holds plenty of bullets so you don’t have to keep stopping and reloading. A splatter balls gun with a drum also holds enough bullets to outlast your opponents.

You should also check the battery type and battery life. While most of these guns use replaceable lithium-ion batteries, some have rechargeable batteries that you may need to plug into the wall mid-game if you want to keep playing.

You should also think about who you will be playing with. If your crew is on the younger side, get a splatter ball gun with less velocity and force to minimize injuries. A splatter ball gun pistol might be easier to hold than a machine gun for little hands.

Finally, you should also think about aesthetics. You can get hyperrealistic splattering ball guns that mimic real gun brands, such as a Glock splatter ball gun. However, there are also fun models on the market that come in bright, unrealistic colors.

Where Can You Get Splatter Ball Guns?

Although these guns are relatively new on the market, they are already taking the toy world by storm. You can find them in most mainstream toy retailers such as AJ Toys and Target. You can also shop online at any splatter ball gun website, including the ones below.

Gel Blaster

When buying splatter ball guns, why not go directly to the source? Gel Blaster is one of the companies that pioneered the use of no-mess fun with gel shooters such as splashing ball guns. Customers are thrilled with their quality products that are fun and eco-friendly.

Toynk Toys

Toynk Toys is one of the leading online retailers for collectibles as well as toys. They have an extensive selection of toy guns and blasters, including toys modeled after iconic pop culture weapons such as the lightsabers from Star Wars.

Firestar Toys

Firestar Toys is primarily known as a seller of Lego Minifigures, so it’s the perfect place to go if you want a toy gun for your battle scene. However, they also sell other products such as toy guns.

Splatter ball guns will be the latest hit at your next kids’ birthday or family reunion. Get a head start on training by getting one now!

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