The Best Waterproof Fanny Pack for Aquatic Adventures

The Best Waterproof Fanny Pack for Aquatic Adventures
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Fanny packs are becoming more and more popular on the fashion runways. While fashion is fickle and hated these bags a few years ago, they never went out of style among athletes and adventurers thanks to their practicality.

Many beachgoers, fishermen, and divers wear a waterproof fanny pack to easily store their things as they engage in aquatic activities. If you’re planning a beach adventure of your own, maybe it’s time to invest in a waterproof bag of your own. A fanny pack is a great choice thanks to how easy it is to access your things.

For more on waterproof fanny packs as well as other beach bags, keep reading.

The Best Waterproof Fanny Pack for Hiking

If you’re planning on going hiking and anticipating rain, then a fanny pack will protect your stuff. Use your fanny pack (waterproof, preferably) to store necessities such as your phone, water, and snacks that you don’t want to get wet in the rain and need to access throughout the day.

Before buying a fanny pack, check out customer reviews on fashion shops and practicality to see if the bag actually lives up to its promises of being waterproof. You should also look at the materials. Does it use a waterproof fabric, such as X-Pac? Does it have extra protection around vulnerable areas such as zippers?

A waterproof bag is also a great kids fanny pack so they can carry some of their stuff while hiking but not get too tired.

If you want a waterproof bag that is larger than a fanny pack, Beau & Ro sells great waterproof tote bags.

The Best Waterproof Fanny Pack for Swimming

If you’re looking for a waterproof fanny pack for snorkeling or swimming, then a bag that is simply waterproof is not enough. The bag needs to be submersible, meaning that it can safely go underwater. The best places to look for a waterproof submersible fanny pack is from a company that specializes in outdoor gear, such as Patagonia.

The Patagonia waterproof fanny pack is large enough to fit all of your stuff and small enough to allow you to swim and snorkel without getting weighed down. It is certified fully submersible. While this model is technically a men’s waterproof fanny pack, it is great for all outdoor adventurers.

REI is another company specializing in outdoor apparel. Their line of dry waist packs is sleeker than Patagonia’s, but not submersible.

Other Great Bags to Take to the Beach

Depending on the amount of gear that you take to the beach (particularly if you have children or have plans afterwards), then a fanny pack isn’t enough. Here are some bags that you can take with you in addition to your waterproof fanny pack.

Parisa Wang is a company that makes durable, handcrafted bags of all shapes and colors. Their stylish belt bags are not waterproof, but are a fun addition to a flirty sundress if you are going to go for a stroll on the beach. Check out Parisa Wang reviews from real customers here.

Another fun belt bag for walking on the beach comes from MCF. MCF’s bags are stylish and multi-colored, but made of durable materials that can hold up to activities such as frolicking on the beach. According to reviews, MCF has excellent customer service and delivery, so if you’re looking for a bag that you can get quickly in time for your beach adventure, this is a great company to buy from.

Even if your primary beach bag is a stylish, sleek number, consider adding a waterproof fanny pack to your beach arsenal as a way to keep your stuff safe when you go swimming or snorkeling.

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