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    If you start up a business with some other people, you should be able to stay in touch with your co-workers and colleagues. And you won’t want that to be a hassle. So where can you find a smart tool that helps you communicate in an effective way? One company that offers such a service is FreedomVoice. But what can you expect from their phone services? Will this tool really be as easy to use as their promise? Will it even work properly? And what kind of customer service will they provide if something does not go the way it should? Will they be able and also willing to help you out? The best way to investigate these things is by reading reviews written by real customers of FreedomVoice. Their opinions, experiences, comments and other remarks can help you decide if FreedomVoice might provide a good solution to your communication problems.

    About FreedomVoice
    FreedomVoice is a communications company. They want to provide a communications tool that is smart, but also effective. Their goal is to “help entrepreneurs and small businesses do big things”. In 2016, FreedomVoice was acquired by GoDaddy. They have three kinds of services. Their CloudNumber service provides you with a professional 1-800 or local number. This number is provided via a mobile app. The number enables you to make calls with your new business number as a caller ID. You can also personalize a greeting for your business or check your voicemail or faxes. Their CloudPhone service offers a professional-sounding dial phone with unlimited calling without resorting to complicated setups and wiring. They will just send you a phone that you need to connect to your internet connection. This service includes custom hold music, call hold, ring groups, toll-free numbers, call blocking etc. If this service is not enough anymore, it’s easy to change to their CloudPBX. They won’t charge you per seat or employee. You will only need to pay for what you actually use. That means you will be charged less per user.

    A FreedomVoice Call Forwarding tutorial.

    Services of FreedomVoice
    You can order their services via their website. They will provide you with a mobile phone that you need to connect to your internet connection. That’s enough to get started. FreedomVoice also has a customer service that can be contacted if you run into any complaints, questions or problems. Their staff is willing and able to help you out whenever they can.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for FreedomVoice
    Have you ever taken out one or more of the services provided by FreedomVoice? Then we would be grateful if you would tell us what your experience was like. Was ordering and installing their phones really as easy as they promise? How many of their features to you use? How useful are these features? And what is your opinion on FreedomVoice’s customer service department? Write a review and tell us what you think of FreedomVoice so potential customers of this communications company will know what to expect when they decide to make their business calls via services of FreedomVoice.

    How useful are the communications services from FreedomVoice? Read customer reviews about their CloudNumber, CloudPhone & CloudPBX for small busines

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