A Crash Course on Applying for Student’s Job

A Crash Course on Applying for Student’s Job

College life has its pros and cons. While you want to devote yourself completely to your studies, you most likely will need a job to maintain your lifestyle. It might seem like it is extremely easy to find one. You’ve seen it in movies and TV shows, students constantly work as waiters/waitresses or cashiers. But what if you’d like to pick something related to your field of study?

First, you need to decide if it’s a temporary odd job or if you want to start developing your future career. Opting for the latter will benefit you greatly, as the sooner you start the better. Here you need to make sure that the job of your choice corresponds to the following aspects:

• Your passion;
• Skills development;
• Your values;
• Your coursework;

You need to be passionate about your prospective student job. Otherwise, you are going to get bored and simply waste your time on something that you don’t enjoy. The job should also allow you to develop your skills. For example, if you’re passionate about creative writing, you can apply for a job at some essay writing service and become an online essay editor, as it will allow you to develop and improve your writing skills.

You also need to have a more or less clear idea of what you value about the prospective job. This will allow you to make sure the work you’re applying for corresponds to your values. And if you want to avoid missing out on your studies, you need to make sure that your preferred job is consistent with your coursework.

Now, knowing what to consider when searching for the job, you need to know a thing or two about how to apply for it. The good news is it’s not rocket science. Still, making the first step on your career path can seem tough. But things are always easier if you know what to do. So, check out the main tips for applying for the student’s job without any further ado.

Research Everything

When looking for a student job, you should avoid applying for the first one that more or less fits your interests. There’s no need to rush. You need to check all available options, before picking the one that will fit you best. Even when you think you’ve found one, don’t apply immediately.

Research everything you can find about the position. Learn everything you can about the company that offers the job. Check out the reviews and find former and current employees on social media. Ask them about their experience within the company. It will help you understand if the company fits you and what is required from a prospective candidate.

If you pick several vacancies that you’d like to apply for, do the same for each of them. While it may seem like a painstaking process, it is crucial. This is necessary for the following steps you’re going to take.

Tailor Your CV

That’s actually the reason why you need to thoroughly study everything about the vacancy and the company you are applying to. Most likely you’ve thought that once you’ve created your resume, you only add your work experience. You can do it later in your career, but not in the beginning. After all, you want your application to get noticed.

Check out the job requirements, and make sure that you add the related knowledge and your skills to your CV. Moreover, you can tailor your CV for the specific role. If there are several positions you’d like to apply for, make several CVs specifically for them. This shows your enthusiasm toward the vacancy, which gives you extra points in the eyes of a recruiter and prospective employer.

Sell Yourself

You need to be ready to sell yourself. While it’s extremely difficult to sell yourself for your first job, there are several things you can do. Once again, the research that you’ve made provides you with the necessary tricks. In the cover letter, you can point out that while you don’t have professional experience in this or that, you were involved in related activities.

Quantify your achievement, mention things like participating in local charities. Also, don’t forget to title your CV with your own name. While you may think that it’s a move too bold for someone with no experience, this helps your application to stand out.

Check Your Social Media Profiles Before Applying

If you want to get hired, you need to make sure that your social media profiles are not going to be a problem. There’s always a chance that your prospective employer would like to check not only your LinkedIn profile but also your Facebook or Instagram. So, you need to make sure that everything looks nice and tidy.

A profile containing an excessive number of party photos with alcohol can be a problem. It may show you as someone flippant. Also, it’s important that you don’t have any posts containing hate speech. You may be considered culturally unfit for the company. Even if you have a perfect resume and a cover letter, your social media profile may ruin everything.

Double Check Your Application

You may send your application via email or some job board, but before you press “send” or “submit”, check out the application requirements once again. Make sure that your resume corresponds to the requirements. Check the cover letter to avoid typos and grammar errors. If additional files were required, make sure that you’ve attached them as well.

You really don’t want to find out that you’ve sent the email without your resume or cover letter attached. While you can always send the second email with the files, saying something along the lines like “Ooops, failed to attach these”, it will make you look unprofessional. And you don’t want to mess your very first job application up.

Final Thoughts

Now, you are prepared to apply for your preferred student job. Just follow the above-mentioned steps, use your own skills, intuition, and imagination, and you will surely get hired.

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