Discover how to change a company registered address

Discover how to change a company registered address

Changing the legal address of an LLC is a simple procedure. It is only necessary to observe the rules provided by the legislation, because their violation may entail administrative liability.

However, you may already know that all British companies must have a local registered legal entity address. In this article, we will explain one of the obligatory requirements on how to change company registered address in the UK. So, let’s begin!

What is a company registered address?

The answer is easy. A company registered address is a so-called legal address. And, it is one of the mandatory features of British companies. A legal address is quite useful for receiving new letters and other business correspondence. It also helps store documentation without losing it. As well, the territorial binding of a legal entity is necessary from a practical point of view. It helps government agencies, counterparties, and partners contact company leaders.

All British firms must provide legal addresses during the registration process and maintain them throughout their existence. The registered office address must be in the jurisdiction where the company is established (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland). For this purpose, both residential and non-residential addresses will be suitable. Yet, in order to protect the privacy of individuals, many owners of companies prefer to use a commercial address.

The reasons for UK companies to register legal addresses:

  • The Companies Act 2006 has a similar requirement in order to deliver and receive official government notices and other business correspondence.
  • Having an official company address in the UK empowers your business image, as the UK is a country with transparent corporate rules.
  • The company office at the official address should keep the company’s registries in the public domain for possible inspections. Since 2016, you can store documentation in the Companies House.

Is it allowed to change a company-registered address?

Yep, a company-registered address can be changed. However, the new address can only be located within the UK. All such changes must be reported to the Registry Office. The register is usually updated within 24 hours. This means that the new address of the British company will be available in a short time. It is also necessary to ensure that all corporate documents are quickly moved to the new office. And, if you want to speed up this process, let the Hoxton Mix help you. This company provides a variety of services, helps set up virtual offices, and far more.

How to change a company-registered address?

Foremost the top management of a British company must approve a change of legal address. Then you need to fill in the form AD01 (for LTD) or LLAD01 (for LLP) and deliver it to the registrar personally or via the Internet.

What is next? In the first step, the new address is checked. Then, it is approved, and only after that changes are made to the registry.

As soon as the new address appears in the public registry, don’t forget to take care of its display on official forms like:

  • registry;
  • business cards;
  • websites, etc.

It is worth remembering that fines are provided for late notification of changes that have occurred in the company.

The importance of a clean legal address

The importance of the legal address is undeniable. That’s why it should be clean. This aspect has a significant impact on the work of the company, registration of invoices, etc. Therefore, some businessmen take a legal address for rent.

Here are several reasons that push them to such a decision:

  • reorganization of the organization;
  • lack of own commercial premises;
  • the invalidity of the previously used address.

So, while changing the company registered address, do pay attention that a new one should be clean. This can impact:

  • the further work of the firm;
  • the ease of customs clearance;
  • the registration of consignment notes, and more.

Virtual business addresses are easy to be changed

The company’s success is no longer judged by the number of square meters it rents. However, the legal address still shows its status. Startupers, medium businesses, and international companies resort to virtual offices to provide their businesses with a solid image. Likewise, they often opt for the option «virtual address» to create a positive first impression of their companies. More than this, when you run a virtual office, you won’t have trouble changing its registered address. Yes, such an address is also virtual but real. It offers multiple advantages, as a bonus to those that were already mentioned.

One of the main elements of the virtual office service is the processing and recording of correspondence and calls. They help company owners focus on developing their businesses.

Or, just imagine how inconvenient it's to receive during meetings or business trips. Plus, there is not always enough time for this. Therefore, you can share some of your responsibilities. For example, the Hoxton Mix provides services that process incoming calls and emails. Be sure that with their assistance, all offers from a client or partner will be unanswered.

To conclude, virtual offices can become the best solution for companies that want to scale their business. This tool helps to develop activities both locally and abroad without signing a long-term office lease. Plus, with them, you can quickly change the company registered address. Doesn’t it seem advantageous? Furthermore, a virtual office is a real chance not to overpay for unused space just by renting a legal address.

Summing it up

Many entrepreneurs register companies in the UK by wishing to improve the image of their business, acquire new partners, optimize the tax burden, etc. Thus, the company’s legal address is indispensable.

Today, you can open or change your company registered address in England. All this and even more is available to do remotely. With the help of the Hoxton Mix, you can legally and quickly open a new business in the UK. More than this, you will get a lot of useful services on its control and financial optimization. Thank you for your time and attention!

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