How Many Students Use Essay Writing Services?

How Many Students Use Essay Writing Services?

The number of students using professional essay writing services has tremendously increased over the past decade. Today, hundreds to thousands of online companies offer essay writing services, contributing to the significant upsurge in users.

According to a 2017 report by Telegraph, over 20,000 students purchase professionally-written essays, dissertations, and other academic materials every year. In 2018, researchers at Frontiers reported that more than 31 million college and university students globally outsourced essay writing services, including assessment and assignment completion, from third parties at a price. However, this number was under-reported since several individuals were reluctant to participate in the study.

Since then, the number has continually grown for multiple reasons. First, most students find it beneficial to use essay writing services as a reliable aide in their studies. Second, the services come in handy in helping students struggling with specific courses, feeling overwhelmed, lost, and having no idea how to catch up with their colleagues. Finally, students from all levels of learning, high schoolers, first-year college students, and master’s and Ph.D. scholars consider essay writing services a relief from their overwhelming responsibilities. As a result, the number of students using expert essay writing services has significantly increased and is likely to continue with this upward trend in the coming years.

Students Using Essay Writing Services

As hinted, using essay writing services is a common trend among students in contemporary society. While it sparks controversy, students use the services to keep up with tight deadlines and study schedules, balance work and studies, better understand complicated projects, and catch up with course materials. Nonetheless, a considerable fraction of students misuse the services to compensate for their laziness and poor time management.

Naturally, like any other services, professional essay writing services come in handy in helping students when used in the right way. For instance, international students maximize the opportunity to meet college and university demands, especially when required to write papers in a non-native language. This group of students is a frequent client of essay writing companies as they help them quickly fit in their new learning environment stress-free. In essence, students are willing to spend reasonable amounts of money to boost their academic experience and outcomes by getting assistance from other professionals who are not their regular tutors, mentors, or education coaches.

Why Students Use Essay Writing Services

Now that it is apparent that there is a significant number of students using essay writing services worldwide, it is imperative to comprehensively explore the reasons contributing to the rise in the tendency. The following are the most cited explanations;

Balancing Studies and Personal Time

Do you find it relatively challenging to free up time to attend to personal stuff? Professional essay writing services can help you balance your education demands and private life. Unfortunately, most students find it demanding to strike such a balance and potentially develop anxiety, stress, or extreme depression. In addition, there is excessive pressure on students from learning institutions and instructors to maintain a certain level of consistency in their studies and deliver tons of assignments and projects by themselves. Thus, it becomes relatively difficult to find some personal time.

Students can seek help from an essay writing company that has a rich pool of experts in diverse academic fields in such situations. The writers have several years of experience and can help you write your assignments on time while maintaining high quality and originality. When feeling overwhelmed, it is advisable to consider such services to create some personal time to relax and attend to other matters.

Overcoming Anxiety and Stress

Student life can be hectic and stressful. Regardless of your level of study, you are likely to experience anxiety leading to stress at one point or another. Students constantly worry about their grades, meeting deadlines, adhering to instructions, and conducting comprehensive research on complicated projects.

Dealing with such issues every day is not suitable for your health. It significantly affects your relationships, family life, and overall social wellbeing. Therefore, cooperating with essay writers can assist you in overcoming stress.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your studies? Professional academic writing help from a custom essay writing service can help alleviate the anxiety and stress involved during the writing process. Such websites have experts who can generate essays on different study levels and topics written from scratch while adhering to all your instructions. Moreover, they offer a personalized experience to students in the USA and worldwide cheaply. So, place your order today to buy custom papers delivered in high quality.

Saving Time

Saving time is one of the most cited and obvious benefits of essay writing services. Most students seek to free up some time to engage in other activities like entertainment, career development, and sports.

Routinely education demands, such as essay and thesis writing, can be time-consuming, tedious, and laborious. Writing by yourself will require you to invest long hours and other resources in research and preparation. Therefore, depending on the task size, you are likely to spend hours, days, or months attending to a particular assignment or project. Working with professional essay writing service companies will save you the time and energy required to complete such tasks.

Can You Get Caught Using an Essay Writing Service?

Yes and no. Using essay writing services is a risky endeavor for most students globally due to the industry’s controversies. While the services offered by such companies are not a form of ‘cheating,’ several stakeholders are yet to accept the practice for various reasons. For instance, some believe using essay writing services translates to academic dishonesty.

It is implausible to get caught if you use reliable and trustworthy essay writing services. Most orders by such companies are written from scratch by highly experienced individuals. In addition, the companies guarantee anonymity, confidentiality, and plagiarism-free essays. Your privacy and papers delivered are not compromised in any way that could raise the alarm. As a result, most American and international students trust essay writing services which are safe and legit, offering reliable academic assistance and delivering quality work without getting caught.

Nonetheless, students should review their institution’s policies regarding academic integrity. This measure will ensure that you take responsibility to avoid contravening any rules, especially concerning essay writing services. Equally, ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of your preferred academic writing help site before buying essays or using their services. Such procedures will help you to safeguard your academic integrity while boosting your learning potential and productivity.

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