Why Your Business Must Have a Social Media Presence In Order to Thrive

Why Your Business Must Have a Social Media Presence In Order to Thrive

If, in 2022, your business doesn’t have at least a decent level of social media coverage, then you are so far behind the curve that it’s actually something of a wonder that you have a business to promote at all.

Maybe a few years ago, perhaps more than a decade, there would have been some business owners who wouldn’t see the value of pushing and promoting their company and services via social media channels. Such an approach now would be seen as unthinkable.

The ways in which social media can be used to assist the growth and scope of your business are nearly limitless, and it’s an opportunity you can not afford to miss.

Ways That Social Media Can Help Your Business

When using social media to assist your company, there are a number of routes you can take, some of which you can attempt to run in-house while others are best dealt with by social media professionals.

If your company is medium or large in size, then you really should consider employing a full-time team of your own; in the meantime, you can outsource a lot of the work, but we wouldn’t suggest you try to wing it if you don’t have the trained personnel currently.

Communicate With Your Customers In Real-Time

One of social media’s main selling points is the immediacy it can bring you. It offers you a direct line to your customers, and that is like gold dust. You can find out how your latest release or products are viewed by customers or indeed reach out via polls and general posts to find out how you can do better.

The fact that you can get responses fast, and even in real-time, makes the information you derive from this communication all the more valuable.

Promotional Content Hits Better

Back in the day, you’d push promotional material via TV spots, magazines, and newspapers, and you might have to wait days or weeks to see the potential value of doing so. Now you can promote your company and its products via your own social media channels.

You could choose to shoot and edit your own advertising videos, for which we’d suggest you use HitFilm video editing software to make your films all the more professional. The costs associated with pushing online content are far lower compared to what companies used to pay for print and tv media.

Additionally, you can easily track the performance of your promotional and advertising content and therefore work out the specific value of every action you take.

Sales and Generating Leads

Using social media to push direct sales is something you need to harness if you are not already doing so. Some channels are more suited for this than others, and your team should learn what works best.

You can track the sales funnel and work out what products and services are working and which are not. You’ll then work out how best to direct your advertising budget. This is a great way to monitor the demographic makeup of your customer base.

Knowing this will help you formulate a plan of attack. For instance, if you learn that your sales are going well in a certain location or with a portion of an audience demographic (say, for instance, males between the age of 30-45, you can then direct accordingly).

The great thing about tracking this online is that you get immediate data. You can also monitor the reach of your promotional social media posts and work out what’s going well and what’s not, which in turn will help you hone the messaging and timing of your posts.

As well as pushing sales, you can also use social media to help generate leads and scale up your market. The size of your potential audience and sales is vast because you have a direct line to millions upon millions of potential clients and customers.

Branding and Exposure

If you are a relatively new company, then using social media to inform the general public of who you are and what you do is a great tool. Your company may, initially, have a small social media footprint, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce yourself.

Slowly but surely, if you have a great team running your social media channels, you’ll get noticed, and you can use the medium of social media to build a brand message and organically grow the exposure of your company.

Bring Customers to Your Website

If you want to boost your traffic, then using social media to lure and entice users in that direction is key. Here you’ll need to learn how to best communicate to your audience; doing so in a too forceful manner may appear desperate so steer clear of click-baiting and just honestly and organically encourage users to make the most of what you have to offer.

There is a healthy balance to be made here. The posts you make on social media channels need to be of worth and merit. That means not everything you post is a direct call to complete a sale.

Mix things up. Find a social media manager who knows how best to plan your company’s social media drive. A healthy part of this will, of course, be geared toward getting customers into your website, but your strategy has to be balanced well with thoughtful and useful content.

These are just a few general pointers when it comes to making the most of social media; dig deeper to find other ways to convert your audience and make your company a true brand leader.

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