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    Are you a business owner looking for an integrated phone system? RingCentral, with its cloud phone system, may provide what you need. But is RingCentral reliable? Can you trust RingCentral? Are RingCentral’s prices fair and reasonable? Does RingCentral offer great customer support? Is it easy and convenient to implement RingCentral? Is RingCentral useful for any business, or only for one type of business? Acquaint yourself with real users of RingCentral by reading their reviews!

    About RingCentral
    RingCentral was founded in 1999 and is located in Belmont, California. Over 350,000 use RingCentral since Vlad Shmunis founded the company.  Shmunis still leads the company and brings over 25 years of experience to his leadership and management.

    This video discusses the benefits of using a cloud phone system. But are there also downsides?

    RingCentral puts your entire phone system in the cloud while integrating it with services like Salesforce, Dropbox, Google, Zendesk, Desk, Box, Microsoft and Oracle. It allows you to pay for all of your employees’ phone plans with one monthly bill. 

    If you choose to use RingCentral’s services, an implementation specialist will ensure that the set-up of RingCentral goes smoothly. The specialist can also help you to keep existing phone numbers and get new ones. Toll-free, international and local numbers are all available options.

    Considering many companies no longer provide business phones for their employees, but expect them to use their own devices, privacy becomes a major concern. RingCentral allows employees to install an app on their phone that they can use for all of their business affairs. Business calls, business voicemails, faxes, text messages, the directory and more can all be done in the app. In addition, all the company information is stored in the cloud and therefore not on the personal devices of your employees.

    Some features of RingCentral’s cloud phone system are a hosted PBX service, an auto-receptionist, user templates, music on hold, extentions, hot desking, and call monitoring. There are also many phones that you can order at RingCetnral, like desk phones, conference phones, cordless phones and VoIP headsets. Caller ID control is also available. 

    RingCentral gives you a lot of options to customize the way your business phone system operates, to create a calling experience that is appropriate for your customers. 

    A standard plan with RingCentral includes administration for your call manageent  system, mobile apps for iOS and Android, unlimited calling, toll-free minutes, conference calling, fax, video meetings, support, implementation, phone rental options and call log reports. With the premium plan, you also get custom app development, inbound caller ID, call recording and single sign-on. I you also want voicemail-to-text, you can get the enterprise plan.

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    You can connect with RingCentral’s customer service by calling 800-921-4302 or by engaging in a live chat. It is also possible to rquest a quote on RingCentral’s website.

    Do you use RingCentral to manage your phone system? Are you satisfied with RingCentral’s sevice? Has RingCentral improved your business operation? Let us know and write a review!

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    Ring Central loses Voicemails

    Akash Kumar13-02-2019

    We have not gotten anywhere with tech support despite hours. We often have voicemails which either don't show up in the RC app or don't show up in our emails! This has caused huge issues for our medical practice but can't get it fixed.

    Jere Haas09-04-2019

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