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    The use of air transport is very popular because it is the fastest and arguably the safest way to travel. However, various airlines provide different features that makes their experience different from others. Such features include their fleet, prices, keeping to flight times, how they get to their destination (straight flight, one-stop or two-stop), their safety history as well as meals served on the plane amongst others. A lot of people, especially those traveling on a budget, are fine with just entering any plane and getting to their destination. However, for most people comfort and luxury is very important and they willingly pay for it when they can afford it. Etihad Airways US is a flight company that is reputed for its reliability, timeliness, comfort and luxury it affords its company during a flight. You can read honest reviews about Etihad Airways US here before visiting their website.

    About Etihad Airways US
    The Abu Dhabi owned government airline was established in July 2003 by a Royal decree. The mandate for the airline was the operate profitably, commercially and safely. Since then, they have spread to 6 continents, having a with more than 110 cargo and passenger destination including several airports in the USA. They strive to become the best airline worldwide, and are easily amongst the best already.

    Services by Etihad Airways US
    The airline provides flight to several countries in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa. In United States, their services can be accessed from Washington D.C., San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.

    Complaints and feedback of Etihad Airways US
    The feedback by those that have flew Etihad Airways have been generally positive.

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